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Hello everyone,

I am new to this board and I am seeking some serious advice. Let me start by giving a little history. I have been with the same guy for 13 years and married almost 8. We have two wonderful children. A daughter who is 7 and a son who is 5. My husband is in the military and I got to school. The problem that we are facing right now is that my 7 year old daughter seems to be very angry. We can't figure out what is going on. She is in 1st graade and she is very mean to her younger brother. She has recently started getting bad grades on work at school. She went from getting all a's and b's to getting some f's on some of her math papers. Anyways she brought home 3 math papers yesterday and they were all f's. I was furious. So she got yelled at and had to do the papers over. After the papers were done she went into her bedroom and I over heard her say to herself that she wanted to kill herself. I was devastated. I couldn't believe that a 7 year old would even know how to think about something like that. I didn't know what to do. So I sat her down and we had a long mothter daughter talk. I told her that if there was something bothering her that she could tell me anything. That she wouldn't get in trouble. I told her that we could have friends talk instead of mother daughter talk. I also told her that if hurts me deeply to hear her say that she wants to kill herself. That she is wonderful person and that God is not ready to have her join him yet. I really don't know what to do. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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