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Yikes, you've got one messed up sleep pattern there. Whenever my children, who are no 13 and 15, couldn't sleep at night I tried to come up with all kinds of reasons--oh, it's developmental, separation, sugar, whatever, but it truthfully always came down to one thing, and that was they weren't tired enough to sleep. Your little camper has got his days and nights so mixed up he's not tired at the appropriate times. Do you really mean he is UP ALL NIGHT, not going to bed until 5 a.m.? That's so out of control it's hard to imagine.

Well, obviously you've got to get him back on track and the only way to do that is to not let him sleep during the day, and that's going to be really ugly before it's all over. On the first day, let him do his sleep until noon thing and then absolutely positively do not allow that late afternoon nap, no matter what you have to do to keep him up. He should then be ready to go to bed sometime in the evening and sleep. The next day if he needs a nap let him have a nap after lunch no longer than 1.5 hours. I know when there's a baby in the house sometimes it is nice when the older one is out of the way for a few hours, so those long naps can seem like a great break, but the price is too high.

You may ask your pediatrician about giving him a bit of dramamine or benadryl to help adjust his sleep cycles. When our children were very young we took a trip to Asia with them and they came back all screwed up. The pediatrician recommended inducing sleepiness with a small dose of either drug, and it did the trick.

Good luck, I'm yawning hear just thinking about all of this!!

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