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I agree with Zazzaz that a child should be taught how to spend time with themselves. I have a 12 year old son who was just like your child, didn't want to stay in the playpen, only a little while in the walker or johnny-jumpup, or on the floor with toys, etc. I never let him stay in a situation where he was anxious or crying. This happened often so it felt like I was always holding him. On the other hand, my older son (15) was content to be on his own as a baby. Fast-forward to today. My younger son still complains of being bored when he has ample opportunity to entertain himself. My oldest can decide to go to his room and read, draw, watch tv, or study. My younger is a A or B student. Oldest is high honor role with straight A's. This is definitely a difference in personality and internal dispositions, but I think I could have helped my younger son from the beginning by having him figure out how to enjoy being by himself for longer periods. Another thing that backfired on me was while playing games with my youngest, I let him win all the time thinking I was building his self-esteem. Wrong! What I got was a poor loser! Now with my playing and winning (only when I deserve it - LOL) he is becoming a more rounded person. So, don't go crazy trying to fill every minute of your child's life. I'm sure you will find a balance of making sure she is safe and letting her figure it out - as her age allows.

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