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My baby when in his crib hits his little head on the rails. I don't like this. He is 7 mths. old and very active so the bumper pads really do not do any good. He just pulls them down so I think I might as well take them out, I don't want him to get wrapped up in them. Does anyone have any suggestions? It seems like they would make a crib that had padding attached to the rails on the inside to prevent this. I've been considering not using the crib at all and just letting him sleep in a pac'n' play until he is old enough for a toddler bed. He has been sleeping in his bassinett since he was born(getting to big and starting to sit up now from a lying down position) so I need to do something fast. I'm sure others have problems with this also so I was wondering what have you all done about it or do you just not bother. Thanks for any replies.
Austin does the same thing. I took the bumpers out of his crib when he was about 10 months because I thought he didn't need them. Then a week later I ended up having to put them back in because he was getting his arm stuck inbetween the rails. (he uses my crib when I was a baby) so the rails aren't as close together as the newer models. He was also banging his head against the sides. Then, I put the pads back in and he doesn't get caught anymore and he doesn't bump his head.

I don't think there is anything wrong with letting him sleep in the pac and play. Austin loves his! If your baby is comfortable in it... and still fits then what the hey? Ya know? (My only concern would be him climbing out if he was tall enough) I don't know what size your packnplay is but mine is pretty big and Austin is 14 months and there is still plently of room left. If you know that he is safe in it then go ahead and let him sleep in it.

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