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Someone please tell me if this is right. I've been told several different things. When taking ear temperature you add a degree? rectal you subtract a degree, and arm pit is always what it says? I thought taking a rectal temp. was always the same and you don't have to add or subtract. I've been told that the arm pit was the most accurate, but I always heard that it was the rectal that was most accurate. Help???
Ok, here goes. Oral is always what it says it is, Rectal you subtract a degree, Armpit you add a degree. Rectal is considered the most accurate, Armpit the least. Rectal thermometers are red tipped and the bulb is longer. Oral thermometers are blue tipped with a rounder bulb. Oral should never be taken within 5 minutes of drinking anything, Rectal should never be taken when there is constipation or diahrrea. I dont trust ear thermometers at all because I have never seen one give an accurate temperature. HTH

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