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In my case it has to do with sleep/ My son will be 18 in july. His curfew now is 12 midnight. I have told him that when he is living at home what he does after he turns 18 is his thing.
BUT if he is living in my house then he will have to respect others. Meaning , don't come home at 2 in the morning and wake the others in the house up. I have a hard time sleeping anyway due to pain so if I am woken up it is then hard to get back to sleep.
As an 18 year old you are legally adult but it doesn't mean that maturity does not happen at the exact minute you turn 18. Things were different for most of us when we were 18. Drinking was legal, but drinking and driving is never legal. A mother never quits worrying about her children whether they are 7, 17 or 27 and so on. When you think about why your Mom has set her rules {maybe infractions broken before} then you will understand her point of view.
Be safe and remember that life is something to live and if you mess up it can be gone in a blink of the eye.
I hope this didn't come across as "harping" I really just wanted you to see how much your mom loves you.

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