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Gillian, I agree that you should not let a baby "cry it out" so to speak, but a little fussing is not going to hurt a baby as long as they know you are there. And I agree that you should be there until your baby falls asleep, rubbing their back, shhhhing them, etc... But I also know that at some point a baby/toddler/child has to learn to fall asleep on their own. It makes things easier for them in the long run, and easier for you as well. When they are past the 6 month mark, MOST babies can learn to sleep on their own very quickly (usually in a week or less). I was not fortunate enough to have one of those babies, and my daughter still needs to be rocked, sang to, etc... every night to get to sleep. She is 15 months old now and sometimes it can take over an hour to get her to sleep. All I was trying to say in my earlier post, is that if your baby will go to sleep with a little fussing, and [B]without[/B] getting hysterical, then a person should encourage it and help that baby learn to sleep on their own. Oh, and another great book is called The No-Cry Sleep Solution. It worked for tons of my friends, but not for me!
My brother and his wife had a problem wtih their baby sleeping in the crib. The only way they could get her to sleep was if she slept in their bed with them. The doctor suggested that they take a tshirt that the baby's mom had worn all day and to put that in the crib. It had to be big enough so it could be tucked in on the sides like a sheet so that it would come out and be a hazard to the baby. It had to do with the baby getting comfort from her mother's scent. They tell me it worked and she sleeps in her crib now.

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