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Maybe you should confront your son and ask him why he's been piddling on the floor. If he says something like "...'cuz" or "I dunno..." then I think a warning might be in order. But if he continues to relieve himself on your carpet despite your warnings, then punishment is in order. Some people say that reasoning with kids is a good thing, but that's like reasoning with a cat for taking a poo on your comforter. I would say the best thing is a light love tap on his behind will work. Not hard but enough to feel.

But before doing any punishments, consider this: perhaps he has some kind of urinary tract badness going on? I have no clue if kids as young as 5 can even have such problems but who knows.

As said, if he's doing this of his own free will then a hide tanning should be on the menu. Best of luck to you with this sticky situation.

Dark Stranger - "Use the rod, beat the child...that's my motto."

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