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Ok, I guess I just keep thinking about how seriously I take parenting my kids. I dont want my neighbors or my parents or my kid's teachers to have to do the things that I as a parent SHOULD be doing. I made a conscious decision to be a parent. I dont understand people who have kids and expect everyone else to pick up their slack. Bringing kids into this world is the biggest decision you can make, why o why would you do it just for the heck of it and be a bad parent??? Sorry, I just dont get it. Growing up, I had friends that came from sadly dysfunctional families. They ended up at my house, hanging out with my mom alot. One even moved in for a couple of months. My parents are good people and several of my friends to this day still call them up when they need advice or the usual parent stuff. I guess i could try to take the 3 year old in but I used to watch him and he tore my house up and almost drank my bug spray (I thought it was out of reach, but not for him!) And of course, last week he took a tennis racket and hit my daughter over the head with it. ugh. I dont think his parents are beating him. But they let him beat on them. He isnt one of the sad kids from the grossly negligent families, he is spoiled rotten. I spent alot of time in their home last year. Saw him get hugged and kissed after trashing the house, peeing on the floor, breaking all the eggs in the kitchen, I have always been so dumbfounded at how DELIBERATE these behaviors have been. THe landlady gave the family a difficult time this weekend. Said neighbors are complaining about their kids getting into their garages , breaking their stuff, etc. I suppose eventually they will move.

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