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Well I baby sat for the same family for 4 years. Over night during the week, all day on weekends, you name it, I did it. I even went to birthday parties to take care of 20+ children under 7 while the parents sat around and talked. And on special occasions I had over 8 kids under the age of 8 to take care of. I also went to their friends houses and baby sat their kids on my nights off.

My schedule, while in high school was like this

7 am - wake up oldest, get her clothes
7:20 pour the 2 oldest cereal/make toast, feed baby his baby food
8:00-get ready in half an hour
8:30 - take oldest and myself to school
2pm -go back to their house, wait for oldest to get home from school
3:00 help oldest with homework
3:30 give kids snacks
4:00 baby down for nap
4-6: do something with the oldest two
6:00 make dinner, feed kids and baby and myself
7:00 bath time
8:00 bed for middle child, which required laying there til she slept because the monster would get her
9:00 bed for baby and oldest
10:00 clean up house, do dishes, pick up toys, straighten things up
11:00 do homework usually until 1
11-7 wake up with baby/middle one several times

Every day, and full days on weekends almost all of the time, I was rarely home, and when I was home I was baby sitting my dads girlfriends 7 year old for free.

I got paid 20 dollars a day for this.


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