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I've been with my girlfriend for almost 8 yrs. I've helped raise her duaghter since she was 6,now she'll be 14 in sep. I believe we give her way to much freedom,and her mother agrees. She does great in school,and is well liked by the other kids.She thinks its normal for her to spend the night at a friends every weekend!I told her that is comming to an end.So after a few weeks,we let her spend the night at a friends,and when she called last night,her mother was out,so i said,make sure you call back at 9:30! Well,she didn't,and when i talked to her this morning,she said she forgot! I told her this is the last straw! Everytime she goes to a friends[even to visit] i tell her to call,and quite a few times,she always says"i'm sorry,i forgot! I simply told her,thats not good enough anymore,your computer privliges are taking away for a while,she said very snotty,well i'm calling my father to see if i can spend the night! I said,"you know what,your grounded! Her father only lives 5 min. away,and she never wants to spend the night there,never! Everytime she does something thats wrong,its never her fault! I mean every single thing! I gave her a beutiful ring,i asked were it is,she said,i had it in my friends book bag and it got stolen,it wasn't my fault! She comes home from a friends 20 min. late,there clocks arn't the same,it wasn't my fault! The other day,it was thundering and lightning out,she wanted to go bike riding! Of coarse i said no,but the thing that gets me,is ,she actually expected us to say yes! and when we said no,she was suprised! She is NOT resposable at all! I don't know how many times during school,she would,at the last minute,say,i need $20 for a school project,i would say,when is it due,she says,tomarrow! I would say,why didn't you tell us a couple days ago? I FORGOT! I mean with everything,she keeps saying I FORGOT!

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