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Dear Mad-
I don't think that Susie was insinuating that she not listen to you or your rules, I think what she meant was- does her mother back you up in these decisions and is she involved at any level of the disciplining that goes on with your daughter?

This is typical teenage behavior, unfortunately- I have 2 teenage girls who both think that they should be able to spend all of thier free time as they see fit- WRONG.

You just have to remain firm- take away the phone, the computer and the overnight priveleges until the attitude changes- once she has to sit in her room with nothing but a book for a few weeks her attitude will change- she is testing you- and its working. Just stay firm on your decisions and the next time she is unappreciative, take away something else- its all up to HER, she can either follow the RULES and be able to have a social life- or she can continue to be a brat and sit at home. It will sink in after a while.

Hang in there.

[QUOTE=madhatter]Susie-Ive been there for her half her life! I've fed her clothed her,evrything her father should be doing,I go to all her activities at school,vollyball,baseball,band! Her father is lucky if he's been to two in the last 3 yrs. I help her with homework,give her advise like any father would,in my house,there are rules susie,that i very well expect to be followed! She even said that i'm more of a father to her than her biological father.But when it comes time to pay the price for disobeying the rules of our house,i'm also there! So for you to say she shouldn't listen to her mothers boyfriend,you sound like a spoiled brat![/QUOTE]

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