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I didn't read any of the responses so please forgive me if this has already been said.

[B]This is what works: Your kids must know their boundaries with you.[/B] Meaning, what you say, [B]you mean[/B]. If your kids are truly misbehaving, you [B]must[/B] stand your ground with them. If you don't, and you don't discipline them on a regular basis, then they are going to use this against as they grow, and you don't want to deal with an unruly teen because you messed up when they were younger.

Now, you may say...."I do discipline, but it doesn't work." Maybe you need to find a different solution. I don't support spankings as the primary punishment. I do believe a good swat (one) can be appropriate at the right time. But use that sparingly. For me, taking away toys or priviledges doesn't seem to phase my kids much. But my kids are 8 and 11. But the thing I've always done is [B]stand my ground with them[/B]. Of course I've let in a bunch of times, but only if the lesson, or circumstances has been right.

Since my kids are alittle older than some of yours here on the board maybe, the disciplining has gotten easier for me as they have grown. Because they know I don't play around. See, they know that dad is the push over and believe me, when I'm not around they do whatever they want. Then hear it from me later.

My form of punishment now is grounding them. I do take priviledges away at the same time. Plus I have them do extra chores. That's what I do, and it goes along with their age group.

It's not always easy, but one thing you can't ever let your child forget is that you care and love them very much. Always ask them this question when you discipline: "Do you know why I'm disciplining you?" There are those few times that they may truly not know why, so gently explain to them why.

Always remember, kids are kids. They learn by example. We are their first teachers in life, teach them well. :wave:

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