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I don't even think your little 6 year old is trying to play with his brothers private areas. If you watch, 6 year olds put toys down their shirts, pants, in their shoes, socks. Anything they can play with. And he probably sees babys diaper as another place to put toys, if baby wont hold the toy - put it in his diaper. I think his fascination is more sticking things in pockets and down things. Not so much with babys privates. But, if you think it is with babys privates. Go out, buy a book for little kids on private areas, try to find one that explains the boundaries with things like that, and read it to him. I know theres a few out there. And try gently explaining to your son that that is very inappropriate. Be nice and gentle about it - dont get angry or he wont understand why he cant do it, he'll just understand that it makes mom mad so he'll do it when you can't see him. These things aren't matters to get angry over. He's not old enough yet to fully understand that you can play with babys hands, feet, arms, lets, belly etc. but not his privates. He needs to be explained that privates are just that, private. And you don't touch anyone elses. Getting angry will just make him confused. He's probably just curious to see babys, and look at babies because its different than his is.

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