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Hi everyone. I am posting this to warn all mommies considering day care. Also to see if any one has ever had a bad day care experience like ours.

First of all if you're going to put your child in day care make sure you check the place and people out thoroughly. Use your natural Mother's instinct. Make sure they are open to you visiting your children any time during their care and use that opportunity to exam their care for your children.

Let me tell you our experience.......

My son is 2 1/2 years old and my daughter is 4 months. Ever since my son was old enough to interact with other kids every one has been pursuading me to put him in Day Care. Well I was young when he was born (18) and maybe over protective but I refused. So I repeatedly changed jobs, schedules and classes (college) to work around my families schedules so they could watch my son while I worked and studied. Same with after my daughter was born. Well I'm getting further along in my classes and needing to work more hours (since I'm raising 2 now) so the time has finally come to put my children in Day Care. I have no choice now because I have to finish college, keep working, and I have no other sitters. So, I did some research, checked out different Day Cares and finally found one I thought was great. I heard good references on this place and the people seemed great.

I dropped my children off around 7:45 in the morning on a day off so that I could pop in freely through out the day to observe. I was in and out twice finding little things here and there that I wasn't that crazy about but could deal with.

My final visit I went to see my daughter in the infant room first as my son was napping with the other children. They had her in a saucer (walker without wheels). I had never put her in one before and she was barely 4 months old. They didn't put any blanket or anything around her to keep her in place so she was just flopping back and forth. I took her out, laid her in the crib and decided I would go see my son. He was awake, they were sitting around the tables eating snacks. I noticed right away the scratches on his face. He hadn't seen me yet. One of the teacher came up to me and said in these exact words "I don't know if your son was over excited or what, but he came in here pushing the kids down, slapping and pinching. The only reason he has scratches all over his face is because he was holding a little girl down and she was just defending herself". I thought 'my son, going on an anger rampage, no way'. That just pissed me off. Family and friends have watched my son and nothing like that has ever happened. He's been to birthday parties with and without me and never acted like that, and where would he have learned to pinch? Well I walked out of there and went back to see my daughter and she had fallen asleep.

After a couple minutes of watching her sleep I walked back into the toddler room. My son was turned away and I noticed a big clump of brown stuff on the back of his shirt. I called him over to me but he took off running with the kids. Then I saw one of the teachers grab him and take him off into the corner where I couldn't see. So I walked around where I could see and asked her across the room "what is it?" she replied "oh it's just from there lunch" so I asked "well what did they have it looks gross?" she replied "I'm not sure I wasn't here". When she was done scrubbing his back with a baby wipe he came over to me and there was more off this brown substance on his shoulder and face(skin). I didn't even have to stick my face in it to smell that it was feces. I took his shirt off right away, wiped off his face and took him into the restroom to get cleaned up. I was so furious I grabbed them, their stuff and just left.

The next day I called the director of the Day Care, complained about the situation and demanded my money back. She requested I give them another chance (ha) and I then found out that the one teacher that was wiping the leftover lunch of my son had just got done changing a little boy who had diahhrea and had made a mess of it. This is the same teacher who tried to convince me moments after changing this messy boy that the poop all over my son was FOOD. Can you believe it?

My son had deep painful scratches all over his face and 4-5 pinch bruises on his arms and belly. Every night before he goes to bed when were snuggling and saying good night he tells me "mommy, kids did it (points to his cuts and bruises) get you boy, ouchy, call doctor??" It breaks my heart. This is why I held off on Day Care.

Maybe my son did turn evil when he walked in there and attacked the kids. But the teachers should have never let it get to the point where my son would be getting marked up.

As you can imagine I am hesitant to put my children in Day Care again. I DIDN'T get my money back and now a week later, the bruises are finally starting to fade. We've visited many other children since then and my son still hasn't shown any violence towards any one. He's not perfect he is 2 years old he does have his fit spells but he's never hit, pushed or pinched any one.

Sorry this was so long but I just thought it should be heard. Maybe I am over protective but correct me if I'm wrong when I say, "these are our babies it's in our nature to protect and defent them". I'm sure some one out there knows my anger. If any one has any input please feel free to reply. Also if any one has any good advice on how to examine a Day Care center well please let me know.

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