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i have 3 kids and i live in a 2 bedroom place...right now my oldest daughter age 6 1/2 and my son age 4 1/2 share one room then me my hubby and the baby share the is a big headache....i didn't worry to much about bedtimes when they were younger until my oldest went to school then i sent them to bed very early and let them watch one movie to calm them down in bed then they went to sleep sometimes...the problem with them is that if one isn't sleepy that one keeps the other kid awake....bedtime is such a fight for me everynight to get those 2 down it is very challenging....that seems to be when everyone needs to get a drink or go to the bathroom or come give everyone hugz anything to stay up for a little more...then they go in there room where they r suspostting to be sleeping i come in and they r playing....I think when the time comes u'll probley figure out when bedtime will be and what routine u will get them into....good luck...luckly for me i will be getting a 4 bedroom house soon :)

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