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Most kids at that age are curious. My 5 year old son refers to his private part as his "bullet" and one day when I was getting out of the shower, he was about 3 and he walked into the bathroom just as I was getting out and curiously looked at me and said "Mom, what happened to your bullet....did you lose it". That is when he realized that girls don't have a bullet. For about a good month after that, he would ask his female cousins that are around his age if they had bullets still, or if they had lost them already. Then he put two and two together and realized that girls never had them. He thought just big girls didn't. He was shocked, then curious about what theirs were. We went through a stage for a little while when he would try to play the "I'll show your mine if you show me yours" game. After some time, he gave up on that game cause he realized that is not an appropriate game to play at grandma's house when the entire family is there.

It is just a stage...........and most kids go through it. It's normal.

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