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Kiera...Thanks sooooo very much for your response!!! As you can see by my 2nd post, that was posted even before I received yours, I was ashamed at how lengthy & desperate it all sounded until I read your response. actually were my daughter years ago...hard to believe from your beautiful supportive post. It makes me feel better knowing that the job I take so seriously of raising two responsible, respectful, sensitive, & loving beings can be successfully done no matter how crazy a time it may all seem to be at this time for me!!

Your post was absolutely felt as if Dr. Phil (who happens to be a favorite of mine) took me into his arms & allowed me a soft place to fall. I read it a second time to my mom and Kiera, I am now hysterically laughing as I go over the events and actually seriously contemplating following one of my lifelong dreams of writing a book....I'll find lots of material to write about from these past 5 years and entitle it "The Meanager Years....A Perimenopausal's Guide to Survival" The dedication will read "To my firstborn daughter who will be certain to collect her percentage of proceeds and to Kiera who held my hand gently in my moment of need"

As I was sharing the events of last night with my mom....I was in stitches describing my hubby calmly going up the stairs with his hammer & dismembering her door!!! And when she eventually returned home I calmly explained to her that running out into the darkness can be a very dangerous thing and that she could get hurt. Her response was, "I already did when I ran into a tree!!!" I didn't laugh at the time but only said, "Serves you was the hand if God leading you back home...the same home you say you can't wait to get out of!!!"

And the funniest thing I am laughing about today is that my daughter is working on he Gold Award in Girl Scouts in which she plans & implements something that will be a permanent change that betters her community. Her idea is to have the Bagel store owner, whom she works for, agree to supply bagels (that normally would be thrown away) to various Teenage Shelters in our community. Well last night our daughter claimed that she was running away from an abusive father and from me who abuses her too. Knowing that this is not in the least bit true, she went on to mention a time that I had pulled her by the hair of the head when she was 5 years old and still remembers. I pointed out that if I were going to lay a hand on her that it would certainly happened over the past few days and to be very careful about crying abuse because a teacher or any adult that hears it has an obligation to report it and then we'll have social services knocking on our door taking her away (which at the time I would gladly welcome) and she'd be placed in a teenage shelter eating the very bagels supplied by the store she used to work for!!!! I was to the point not even cracking a smile at the time but today as I shared it with my mom, I was roaring in laughter as was she!!!!!

So what do you think it worth a shot??? Will my book have a chance of making the best seller list? Seriously, though, thanks for your kind words of support...I will always remember you bringing laughter to what seemed like a nightmare at the time.....Goody

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