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hi thanks for replying to my post. my sons donor wasnt a jerk except he left a great kid! and he didnt do drugs or do anything that was wrong but leave and not contact him. i hope you got the jist of my story way back but if u have anymore qeustions feel free to ask!:) we too stressed so much over this but now it was for nothing! its funny cause last night it was just me and my son and i asked him if he had told his siblings yet, something we felt was up to him and he said no why? i said well dont u feel u want to? he laughed at me! lol he says no cause my dads my real dad! i said yeah but u do understand he blood isnt in you right(just clarifying in case he didnt understand when we told him) he said yeah i know but mom he has been tehre since i was a baby! i said dont u want to know anything about the person that made you like his name or how long he was there or how i met him? you jknow natural questions like that he laughed again! and said no not at all cause he doesnt see it that way! he sees his dad as his dad and it makes no difference! i told him if he EVER has any qeustions to come and ask me he said yah i know! he is talking this better than we did telling him! i think his age, 10, was the perfect time to tell him and id recomend this to anyone. im not sure if you want the "real" father to be in his life or not or how ur husband feels about this and im not sure why ur talking to the real father maybe you want that to happen. how does your husband feel about this? if you dont really want this guy in ur life then let sleeping dogs lie its for the best and i imagine your son already has the perfect dad already! good lucka nd let us know.

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