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Yeah, Fallen....I've deleted many great replies in the past & there's nothing I hate more......

I say hang're doing just fine and your parents should be proud of you. It's hard staying away from drugs, drinking, sex etc. and it seems that both of your parents have their own way of supporting you & the main thing is that it's actually doing you good. Just's easy for your dad to be the good guy because he's not there as much having to deal with it all on a day to day basis.

Seems you are certainly motivated & go after what you want in life. Glad to see you're pursuing education....and working at the same time too!! Your mom must be proud of you....when she's not busy gettting involved with your stuff. Remember...she loves you and what you may see as getting too mixed up in your stuff is only her way of trying to be involved in your's hard for us mom's to let go...we sometimes tend to measure our importance on our job as a mother. Suddenly your all grown up and wanting to make all the decisions and where does that leave us???? Try to tell your mom that you still need her & ask for her opinion once in a teens seem to think you know it all and asking us once in a while for advice makes us feel important!!!

Glad to see you called a truce!! It's important to treat the people in our lives with love...for we never know when they will no longer be around and shouldn't take one day for granted that we ae blessed with them :angel:

I'm here to listen anytime you'd like....Goody :wave:

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