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I will try not to babble on my post as it seems to many things have been touched on already. My kids are 12, 5, 4, and 2. As you can tell from my signature, I am also a type 1 diabetic meaning that I take insulin to live. My youngest son has Apraxia of Speech and Sensory Processing Disorder. Both conditions require weekly therapy. He has recently stopped eating which doesn't surprise me as he has issues with reflux and Failure To Thrive. My 4 year old son also has Sensory Processing Disorder and has weekly therapy. I am about to undergo testing for Lupus which my Dr thinks I have while my youngest son is about to undergo testing for his reflux. They are talking about doing a fundoplication on him which is a surgery to stop the reflux.

All of that being said, the only thing that gets me by is my faith in God. I tell myself that I will always have too much to handle alone. I don't believe that Satan targets bad people. Why would he? If someone is already bad, I don't believe Satan is going to waste the energy. I believe he targets people who are struggling. People who are stuggling to hold on to some sense of normalcy are easy targets. They want an answer quickly and Satan is all to ready to give it to them. The vast majority of people won't tell you about Satan as a force they have actually seen. Evil comes to them in their worries, their sadness, and their dispair.

I am constantly up and down with my emotions. I cry at the drop of a hat, feel like running away, and just feel angry at the hand I have been given on any given day. I also get by by telling myself that this life on earth is not set up for happiness. It is meant to test us and to strengthen our faith.

When my youngest son was in the hospital and we didn't know if we would ever bring him home, I searched the Bible for a scripture I could hold onto. I needed something to repeat to myself over and over to remind me that I needed to have faith. I found an entire chapter that summed up what I need to remember. I still repeat Psalms 103 to myself when I am down. Even when I am sad or angry I tell myself to "Bless the Lord O my soul"

I wish you the best

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