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Thanks for the replies everyone...

One good thing is that he does sleep at night...quite well...when I nurse him at night...he eats...lets go..and falls asleep..I waste little time in putting him back into his crib and he adjusts himself and maybe grunts a little then goes to sleep...I'm really lucky that way.

I did think at first that maybe he was the kind who just didn't need naps, but he's so noticibly tired...his eyes are droopy and he's I don't think that's it.

I've actually done the blanket over us keep him from looking around as much and it does work well to get him to sleep...(my mom showed me that trick a while ago) I'm considering the over-stimulation thing too. I do keep him looking at things and talking to him and walking him around...I could accept that being the problem. I too just want him to learn so much...but I should try backing off a little.

I started a new regime today (after yesterday I knew something HAD to change) I'm writing what I've done and the time I'm doing it, trying to get him on more of a schedule (though that's difficult while nursing I've been told). This AM when he was getting sleepy I fed him enough to get to sleep (it was a normal "snack time" anyway) and laid him down in a "sorta sleeping" mode..he woke up, but I closed the door and went downstairs...I heard him fussing and crying a little and when he got to the point when we would normally go get him and call it a failed attempt, I fought the urge and let him fuss and he continued for about 5-10 minutes and FELL ASLEEP!! he slept for an hour!! WOO-HOO. So maybe this whole time the problem was us not being patient enough!. I could hear him sucking on his hands too, which hopefully he's learning some self-comforting tactics as well.

I just did it again...and he's been down for about 10 minutes...I haven't heard him fuss yet...and if he does I'm going to fight that urge to go get him.

My husband and I laugh at the idea that getting a baby to do something as elementary as sleeping can be such an ordeal!

Thanks for your input so far!!

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