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I may take alot of flack for this, BUT I think that boys will be boys will be boys. And when they are defending themselves physically against bullying, it's actually much more healthy to the male psyche than holding it in. That's how we end up with a Colombine situation on our hands IMO.

My DH fought all the time defending himself from bullies, and is no worse for the wear now. I know we live in different times with zero tolerance policies and he does need to be somewhat careful or he could get into serious trouble. I think you should allow the school to discipline him, but if you HONESTLY believe he is defending himself, I wouldn't be too concerned, unless it becomes clear he is getting too agressive, violent, or starting fights.

On the flip side, my little brother was also bullied all the time and just either held it in or cried to my mom who went to defend him, and now at 19 he is selfish and depends on other people to feel sorry for him and go to bat for him, regardless of the fact that the realy world isn't that way. He also has a very volotaile temper (always has) but won't stand up for himself to peers, so he takes in out on those he feels comfortable around, my parents, for example.

I think a certain ammount of roughness is healthy among boys. I have a 15 month old myself, and will teach him non violent ways to resolve conflict, but will also not get too terribly upset with him if they don't work and he ends up in a bit of a tiff.

I DO think the other children should've gotten punishment equal to your son's, though!!

Just my opinion!

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