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First, I wanted to give a quick update of the situation with my 9 year old. Yesterday was a decent day. Today, I took him to the therapist. He told her fib after fib. How he was punched- then he pinched a kid (he's already admitted to pinching first), how he plays with fire all the time (absolutely NOT true), and how he burnt himself 4 times-one of those times he burnt his intire hand-front and back (NOT NOT NOT true). How I stabbed him with the pencil-NOT true. Just everything. He told her voices mumble stuff to him-but he can't understand what their saying.....the other day, he told me the same thing....only he told me that one time he knew what they were saying-and they told him to punch a kid in the nose. I don't even know what to believe with him anymore. His temper, his fibs, his inability to focus, his over all mood swings-happy, sad, angry, everything is really taking its toll on me. I hardly sleep anymore. I've found myself staying up until all hours quilting and typing on the puter. I have an appointment in a week with a new psyc. doctor. Hopefully I'll be able to get my sleeping meds refilled. I've been out for about a month now. Switching doctors threw everything off.

And I'd like to share something with you- and ask for some prayers....
My last pregnancy was difficult. With the depression, liver disease, back problems, low iron-just everything. I lost weight instead of gaining. My uterus was low on fluid at one point, and my son had two cysts on his brain, and was failing to thrive. The doctor told us there was a chance my son would be born with a type of down syndrome called Trisomy 18. We didn't know whether to buy clothes for him, or prepare for the worst. My husbands grandma put money aside for a funeral. I was lost. You can't imagine how elated I was when I heard my baby cry. A few days after we left the hospital, we were back for a three night stay. Nothing major- just high billiruben. The nurses must have thought I was a total freak. They kept telling me not to worry, that lots of babies have this problem-their livers are premature, and it takes a little while for them to kick on. Try telling that to someone who's liver is taking a crap....and one of the things with trisomy 18, is that it affects organs. They also found some kind of loop or something in his intestine (I think thats what they called it). I was a wreck. But every thing went okay.
He hasn't been growing very good though, and he lost 8 ounces in a 2 week period this month. He gained it back though. Anyhow, yesterday he had his well child check. The doctor was alarmed because his fotennel isn't closing (at two months it should be open 1-1 1/2 inches.... his is a good 1 1/2 inches at 6 months). He said we need to keep an eye on it. So, last night I was reading up on it. And it said that some of the things that cause it are down syndrome, trisomy 18, failure to thrive in the womb, and several other things.
When I read that, I just kept remembering what the O.B. doctor had said. Even though I don't see anyway he can have trisomy 18, I still find myself petrified about it. I know it's probably the lack of sleep, and being on edge lately with my oldest......but please keep him in your prayers- He's a tuff little guy. My little "midget" we call maricle.

And last but not least....Christmas.
I was reading a post by someone else about christmas....and it got me thinking. What is a good idea for x-mas? Every year, it seems like people go out of their way, spending money they can't afford on items which will probably get seldomly used. I've done it- every year. Last year, I took what money I had in my IRA, and spent it on gifts. My husband took out a loan against his 401k, and spent it on gifts also. And the kids really have nothing to show for it. They faught more over a box- then they did that "perfect toy". My husband can't stand the idea of not spending half a fortune on his family- so he bought them a bunch of pricey stuff- and to this day, I have never really seen any of it used. Oh well. Tonight he asked me what I thought he should get his family. I told him I didn't care- but a home made quilt sounded good. It just seems to me like everyone has lost sight of what Christmas is about. Everyone seems to put a price tag on it. What is wrong with giving a homemade quilt? Something someone has put heart and soul into making? Thats what I'm giving my family- I guess if he wants to buy a gift, instead of make one- thats his choice. Its pretty much the same way with alot of people I know though. Am I the one who's wrong? I had suggested that for our families gift exchange, instead of exchanging store bought gifts, exchange homemade items- they have far more heartfelt value. I guess no one else agrees in the family though. But, we are doing one thing different this year. Instead of adults getting gifts, the adults are getting together (from my side of the family), and making a big dinner for the local homeless shelter. Their still exchanging store bought for the kids though. Maybe the last year and a half of my life is just allowing me to look at things from a different perspective. I don't know. But I know I'm giving out quilts this year. Homemade quilts, and homemade photo albums-complete with family memories. In ten years, we'll see which gifts are still around-my husbands-or mine. ;)

What are your x-mas traditions? What is everyone else doing for x-mas? Anyone else giving homemade items?

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