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i am 3 months pregnant, and i have a 13 month old daughter, when the next baby comes she will be about 19 months old. we have one crib (which she is in now) a bassinette (which she slept in till about 1 month old) and now a toddler bed....

i hate to buy another crib and it just be used for a couple months but i am scared to put her in a tot bed too, she is into everything all the time and i am so afraid that she will get up and into things...her room is pretty safe and i would use a gate to keep her in there but i am afraid still that she will find something to get into in there....

one option is to use the bassinette for the new baby till he/she can roll over (probably around 4 months or so ) and let my DD use the cib till then (she would be 23 months then) and then put her in the tot bed and the baby in the crib but then i am afraid that she will feel like i am kicking her out of her bed and giving it to the new baby...and they have to share a room because we only have a 2 bedroom home.

another thing i am afraid of is she might try to hurt the new baby on purpose or accidentally and i wouldnt know about it...but i dont want to have two children sleeping in my bed with me till they gratuate high school either :rolleyes:

another option is to get her warmed up to the tot bed before the baby even comes (she would be about 18 months then) and that way she wont feel as if the new baby is suddenly more important than her.

i do plan on putting the new baby in the bassinette in my room for a while because i want to breastfeed and because i dont want the new baby waking my daughter up every 1 -2 hrs a night.

i wouldnt mind the tot bed but she hates to sleep i know she would be up constantly and she wont just play with toys she has to be into things that are off limits...*sigh* and everything has to go in her mouth... :rolleyes:

what in the world should i do here? :dizzy:
thanks everyone for the advice...i am opposed to putting the crib in my room though, it is just to hard to get any sleep like that...(i have tried when my DD was first born, and everytime she moved i was wide awake.)
i am a light sleeper.

but i have found a possible solution.....the play pen.

i have made it softer and my DD has been sleeping in it for the past few nights....she is sleeping better than she has in months!!!
i have no idea why, other than it is softer than her crib but shes sleeping longer and better.
this is something i would not put the new baby in because of the SIDS risk and it is just safer for a newborn in a crib or bassenette.....but she is 13 months now and it isnt something i am to concerned about anymore.

i hope this works out for a least till she is ready to be in a big bed....and i am not sure she (or I) will be ready in 5-6 months either...
she wants into sooooo much it is ridiculous, and i just dont think it is a risk i want to take.

*sigh* we will get through this too i am sure :)

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