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I honestly can't remember when my children went into their "big beds". I remember that I was waiting until they started to climb out of the crib but they never did. I also remember thinking that I would have a battle keeping them in the bed but I never did and they never got out of the bed and usually called if they really needed something.

Do you have room in your bedroom for a crib? We kept the crib in our room for quite awhile. When the kids were about 8 mths. old we moved them to the room across the hall. When we thought my son (our oldest child) was old enough we set up his toddler bed and left the crib set up just in case we needed it. When my daughter came along we set the crib up in our room until she was about 8 months old then moved it across the hall with her brother. When it came time for her to use the bed we got my son a regular bed, moved her into the toddler bed and put the crib back into our room for nap time because she wouldn't nap in the toddler bed! We then transitioned our son to a downstairs bedroom (because the kids loved to giggle in their shared bedroom for awhile before they would settle down and sleep) by letting him have his bedroom set up downstairs, but leaving his other bed (his sister uses it now) upstairs in case he felt frightened downstairs and wanted to come up. They are now 8 and 4 and have their own rooms.

I had the luxury of time with my kids so I didn't have them in the toddler bed until they were at least 2 &1/2 so I'm not sure how well it will work, but I do babysit an 18 mth old who has been in a toddler bed for a few months now.

I'm thinking that you may want to leave her in the crib until shortly before the baby comes along, then try her in the toddler bed. If you do it before the baby comes you will find out if she is ready for the big bed or not and you will have time to purchase another crib if need be. If you wait until after the baby comes you may have a bit of a jealously issue on your hands as she finds that she is getting a little less of your undivided attention.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck!

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