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Just wanted to pop in and say hello! Lee is away this weekend for hockey so I am solo! Not to mention that we are having a snow storm..more than they expected, so I am trying to take care of Alexa, shovel, etc!
Alexa's schedule varies from day to day..I am trying my hardest to get her into a routine, but like Lisa said, sometimes it works, other times it's out the window!!! :confused: She either cat naps all day or takes a looooooong nap in the day time (late afternoon) and then her tummy isn't full enough so she'll be up more at night to eat...
I wish she would take a couple hour nap in the morning, then the same in the afternoon... But, Alexa is the boss! ahhahaha :)
Well, I have to go! I hope everyone is doing well :)
Hi guys
Tracie great to hear from you again :) I got a laugh when you said about getting THE LOOK from your hubby. I know that look well LOL But I just tell him well they are your children too ! In regards to Maddies weight 12 pounds isnt too big. Adam weighed in at 13 pounds 4 oz at 9 weeks old :D The doctor told me that boys do normally weigh a little bigger than girls..Anyway I love fat babies :p
Andrea LOL about the lala land, I know exactly what you mean...I too have the same prob with burping Adam when he is in a deep sleep. I was actually told not to try too hard in the middle of the night. Why take an hour burping when you can be getting precious sleep. Hopefully by the time you go back to work Alexa will be sleeping a bit more during the night, so your not up all hours. You mentioned about her sometimes having a long nap in the afternoon, how long do you let her sleep ? I try to make sure that Adam has a feed every 4 hours during the day and not let him sleep longer than that so he will sleep through the night, so far it seems to be working :bouncing: I try and time it so he has his last bottle around 10 ish then he will normally go right through till about 6 or 7 But if it doesnt work that way and he has a bottle about 8ish, then he normally wakes up around 3 am. Either way though he is definately learning the difference between night and day :)
Shannon Im so glad to hear Avery is settling into her crib :) I know what you mean about being kept awake by all the little noised they make..Adam can be quite loud making all sorts of grunting noises LOL its so funny :) Even though he is in his own room now I still hear him as his room is right next to mine, but sometimes I lay there and chuckle to myself listening to some of the noises he makes :D I have actually noticed ( dont know about you guys ) that his voice if thats what you would call it lol is changing...His cry seems to sound a little deeper too...Not sure if its different with boys ???
LOL about living in Australia or Hawaii, I dont think you would want to be here right now, we are in the middle of a heat wave :( Its going to be over 100 today.....Thank god for airconditioning is all I say. I think I would kill for snow right now LMAO
Anyway on that note I am off to do some housework before the heat sets in.
Hope you are all well and where are you Maggie ? You havent posted in a while ? Hope all is well with you ?
Andrea - I am about nine hours away from Ottawa.. LOL.. I have relatives that live there as well..actually my cousin who just had a baby boy a week before me lives there....I can't believe that Lexi continues to nap for a few hours during the day.. right now Avery has been napping for 30 mins... that's pretty good.. she just doesnt seem to want to nap that long anymore..

Lisa - it is a child care centre.. most in my area will only accept children of a certain age.. usually around 13 months old.. Im secretly hoping that as the time gets closer that something will work out that I wont have to go back to work.. like my DH getting a big promotion or raise or something.. LOL.. I dont blame you for being nervous about sending Haley to a child care centre.. Its hard to let them go and have someone else care for them.. As I mentioned in the past though.. it will be great for her to interact with other children and build social skills.. Its good to hear that Adam is acknowledging you much more now.. I think that being a parent is alot harder than I expected.. and although there are times that I am frustrated.... all it takes is one big smile from Avery and I know it is all worth it..I bet you feel the same way.. actually Avery smiles alot especially first thing in the morning when you go to her crib when she first wakes... its soo adorable.. nice that she wakes up soo cheery.. she makes lots of little cooing noises too.. sometimes its almost if she is trying to imitate what I say like "hi" and you are a "good" girl.. she's cute at any rate..

Maggie - welcome back.. so glad you posted..sounds like you have been incredibly busy..Avery is going for her two month check up and shots later this month.. How was Sophie afterwards? I hear they are more tired..irritable etc.. I think we are all in the same boat with our littles ones not really being on a predictable schedule.. however I have to say for the last two days Avery has been pretty close with her eating and sleeping schedule.. im sure it wont last .. LOL.. if you are one to wake at night to every little noise Sophie makes then you will certainly enjoy your sleep once she sleeps in the crib.. I have been sleeping 100% better..I don't feel guilty about having her in her crib in her own room.. I just think because I have a better sleep it gives me more energy the next day for her.. what is this white noise machine you put on?? I have heard of white noise of course but not of a machine?? Also congrats on the weight loss.. that is great.. I have been using my treadmill for 30 mins a day.. I am noticing that my pants fit better but not much movement on the scale.. keep it up and I am sure you will lose those 35 in no time!!!

Anyways I gotta go.. Avery just woke up from her nap... take care everyone

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