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OMG finally a moment to myself! What an extremely hectic few days! AUGH! And for the past 2 days we have had the added challenge of my 6-year-old stepson Tyler, who has ADHD...he is quite a handful!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas/holiday. Ours was wonderful for the most part. The only downer is that my parents are in the process of becoming separated, after 25 years of marriage. My dad is mom is the one leaving...long story that I won't go into now! But other than the tension from that, it was a very pleasant Christmas. Ian and Sophie got SO MANY TOYS it is ridiculous!!! Ian has to have every single Rescue Hero that exists. He also got a drum set, a guitar, and too much other stuff to even list. It has been very noisy here for the past couple of days! :)
What did everyone get for gifts? Jeff did good - I got a watch, new sheets for our bed, a sewing machine, a Lenox necklace with Jeff's, Ian's and Sophie's birthstones on it, 4 BEAUTIFUL hardcover books I wanted, the coolest purple leather cigarette/lighter holder, and a couple other things I can't think of! I got spoiled. :)
I can't BELIEVE Sophie turned 6 weeks old yesterday! It just amazes me. She has smiled at us a few times already, and it is so precious. I love baby smiles. I can't wait til she gets to the really big, open-mouth grins and then starts to laugh her little baby chuckles! I love that! :D She is doing so great...she sleeps about7 hours most nights. She is a wonderful baby! :angel:
Lisa - Tell me about it...Jeff tells me he works so many more hours than me...because he works from 5:30am to 4pm. Okay. Wednesday through Friday I get up at 5:30am (after waking up once during the night to feed Sophie), dress two kids, get them and all their stuff in the car, drive 30 mintues to MIL's house, take them and their stuff inside, nurse Sophie, drive 40 minutes to work, work from 8am to 5pm during which time I have to pump 3 times, drive 40 minutes home, where I do all of the bathing, feeding Sophie, making Ian's food, change every diaper, changing clothes, tucking in, laundry, etc. I get to bed around 10pm. Whereas Jeff gets up at 5am, gets dressed, goes to work, picks up the kids on his way home, comes home and watches sports and eats. He goes to bed at 9pm. THEN on days I'm home all day, I have not one moment for myself. I get up, make Ian's breakfast, feed Sophie, clean up from Ian's breakfast, make beds, do laundry, feed Sophie again, make Ian lunch, straighten the play room, get Ian down and put him down to nap, feed Sophie, do more get the picture. I figure Jeff works 11 hours a day, I work 17 and am on-call the other 7. Sorry to ramble! But you're right, it gets very frustrating when they moan about how they work and it must be nice to be home all day/work part-time. Yeaaah - it's so frickin' relaxing. BUT!!! I wouldn't trade my babies for the world - just wish their Daddy was a bit more involved. You're not in the wrong to want some time to yourself. It's essential to us humans. You must get some or you'll become resentful and depressed. I plan to get Ian into Pre-Kindergarten next fall, and for the time being he is going to my MIL's house on Tuesdays (when I'm off work), so it'll just be Sophie and I and a little more relaxing of a day off. I hope you can find a good program for Haley and Adam!
Shannon - You really are lucky to have such an involved DH! It makes a big difference!
Amy - Wow, Ammalin is growing so fast! I can't believe she has already almost doubled her birthweight! Amazing! Sophie was up to 10lb 6oz at her 1-month check-up...but she wighed 8lb 15oz at birth! I seriously doubt she'll double her birthweight by 2 18lb 2-month-old would be astounding! And LOL on the Poopy Face! That is hilarious! :D

Well, tomorrow is the dreaded 6-week check-up for me. BLEH...not looking forward to it. I will also have to make the appointment to have the IUD inserted next week, since my insurance will lapse for the entire month of January due to switching to work part-time. Luckily though if I get it done next week it will only be a $20 co-pay, and the IUD lasts for 5-10 years. I've read that it hurts like bejeezus to get put in though. :( And it can also cause heavier, more painful periods and like 6 months of continuous bleeding...but maybe I won't get those particular side effects. I just know it doens't have hormones and since I'm nursing I don't want to take hormonal birth control so this is the best option for me. That and I can't remember to take pills to save my life and I'm not willing to accidentally have another baby right now! But I'm also not ready to take a more permanent option. When we're sure we're done making babies, Jeff will absolutely be the one going under the knife!
Okay - my moment of peace has ended. True to form, while Jeff takes a shower and then goes to bed, I will have to wash, dress, and tuck in not only my two natural children, but my hyperactive stepchild as well. I will be the one who lies down and cuddles him and rubs his head til he falls asleep because he's crying over missing his mommy. Then I'll feed the baby, fall asleep around 11pm, and tomorrow while Jeff goes to work I'll get up at 6am and feed and dress them all, then get them all to my MIL's house so she can watch them while I go get my freshly knit-together lady parts stretched wide by the Instrument of Torture they like to call a speculum and my poor recently abused cervix scraped raw with a wooden paddle. And this will be my day off. I can't wait to get started! Sorry - I know I'm being awful...but sometimes it is all just too much! I'll [hopefully] feel much better in the morning!
Nite all! Post soon!

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