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Tracie - I have a few suggestions for you, which may allow you to continue breastfeeding without using formula to supplement. First of all, a lot of mothers think their breasts are empty or that they aren't making enough milk because their breasts aren't engorged and their baby wants to feed continuously - but this is rarely the case. Babies are instinctive sucklers; they love the comfort of sucking and being held, and some babies are needier than others in the comfort department. It sounds like Maddox is one of those babies...Sophie is too. Also, if you are lactating at ALL, Maddox IS getting milk when he nurses. You could pump yourself "dry", put him to the breast, and he would still get milk. Babies are the most efficient means of getting milk from your breasts, much more so than any pump. Your breasts are continuously producing milk, and since Maddie is continuously feeding, you aren't going to get engorged, but you can be sure he IS getting enough. However, you do need to get him on a feeding schedule...some babies do it on their own and some need help. Try this - nurse him for 15-20 minutes on one breast, and then put him down, in the crib, playpen, playmat, wherever. Wait an hour from the beginning of that feeding before putting him to your other breast. He will probably cry and fuss in that time, but babies do cry and this will get better. Try using a pacifier if he needs the comfort of sucking, or try rocking and comforting him. Put him to the other breast again for 15-20 minutes...he will probably eat much more vigorously from having to wait an hour. Continue that pattern for a few feedings...and once he's adapted to that fairly well, increase to an hour and 15 minutes between feedings, then 1.5 hours, etc. working up to 3 hours. After a while you won't have to limit his time at the breast because he will learn to feed more quickly. It may sound cruel, but it really isn't. I have a close friend who is a consultant for La Leche League, and this was her advice to me - after 5 weeks, I am still breastfeeding very happily and Sophie sleeps 6-7 hours at night and eats every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day. I also pump between feedings to get up a supply for when I go back to work. You might try pumping as well between feedings because it will increase your supply plus give you the ability to leave Maddie with someone while you go out. A lot of women have trouble with breastfeeding, but if you can persevere, you can make it work and soon it becomes second nature. It gets really frustrating having to feed continuously...and even offering a bottle or formula isn't going to break his habit. You'll still have to get him on a schedule but you'd just be giving him a bottle at feeding times instead of breastmilk. Just don't think that because he eats all the time and cries in between that you are not making enough to satisfy him - it's just a habit that will have to be broken. I hope that helps and that whatever you decide works out so you can get some relief!!
Andrea - that's so great that Lexi is doing so well! Isn't it awesome when they let us sleep during the night! Sophie slept from 9:15 to 4:15 last night!

I thought of something this morning - I have to go for my 6-week postpartum checkup on the 27th - right after Christmas! This is not good - I will probably gain 5 lbs from eating all the good food! I haven't weighed myself except that one time when I'd lost 28 lbs...I'm scared to! But I guess I better weigh before Christmas so that when I weigh at the doctor's I won't be depressed! LOL I hope I've lost more...I have been dieting but have cheated a few times. I know that the pants I went and bought are already starting to get baggy; which sucks b/c they're cool pants, but it's good b/c I'd rather be getting smaller!

Christmas is only a week away! Yay - I love Christmas! :bouncing:
Andrea - I am about nine hours away from Ottawa.. LOL.. I have relatives that live there as well..actually my cousin who just had a baby boy a week before me lives there....I can't believe that Lexi continues to nap for a few hours during the day.. right now Avery has been napping for 30 mins... that's pretty good.. she just doesnt seem to want to nap that long anymore..

Lisa - it is a child care centre.. most in my area will only accept children of a certain age.. usually around 13 months old.. Im secretly hoping that as the time gets closer that something will work out that I wont have to go back to work.. like my DH getting a big promotion or raise or something.. LOL.. I dont blame you for being nervous about sending Haley to a child care centre.. Its hard to let them go and have someone else care for them.. As I mentioned in the past though.. it will be great for her to interact with other children and build social skills.. Its good to hear that Adam is acknowledging you much more now.. I think that being a parent is alot harder than I expected.. and although there are times that I am frustrated.... all it takes is one big smile from Avery and I know it is all worth it..I bet you feel the same way.. actually Avery smiles alot especially first thing in the morning when you go to her crib when she first wakes... its soo adorable.. nice that she wakes up soo cheery.. she makes lots of little cooing noises too.. sometimes its almost if she is trying to imitate what I say like "hi" and you are a "good" girl.. she's cute at any rate..

Maggie - welcome back.. so glad you posted..sounds like you have been incredibly busy..Avery is going for her two month check up and shots later this month.. How was Sophie afterwards? I hear they are more tired..irritable etc.. I think we are all in the same boat with our littles ones not really being on a predictable schedule.. however I have to say for the last two days Avery has been pretty close with her eating and sleeping schedule.. im sure it wont last .. LOL.. if you are one to wake at night to every little noise Sophie makes then you will certainly enjoy your sleep once she sleeps in the crib.. I have been sleeping 100% better..I don't feel guilty about having her in her crib in her own room.. I just think because I have a better sleep it gives me more energy the next day for her.. what is this white noise machine you put on?? I have heard of white noise of course but not of a machine?? Also congrats on the weight loss.. that is great.. I have been using my treadmill for 30 mins a day.. I am noticing that my pants fit better but not much movement on the scale.. keep it up and I am sure you will lose those 35 in no time!!!

Anyways I gotta go.. Avery just woke up from her nap... take care everyone

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