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Hi guys well I am finally back. I got into a little trouble with the moderators again, just make sure if you arent sure about rules, READ THEM AGAIN or you will be banned :(
Well things have been quiet around here this week. My hubby and I had a big talk and I have decided to give him the benefit of the doubt WITH strictly NO CONTACT with ANY of our neighbours. I have told him all along, dont get too friendly with the neighbours as I dont want any trouble. In the past I have made friends with neighbours and its only been problems in the long run. I think he has finally seen and acknowledged how stressful things have been for me caring for 2 babies on my OWN ! He has actually done all the washing for me twice this week and has been helping out a lot more with the babies. He knows this is the final crunch for us.
Anyway I had Adam immunised a couple of days ago, he was great considering he had to have 3 injections and the polio vaccine in his mouth which he did not like AT ALL lol...He cried when he got the injections, but stopped pretty much immediately...He is such a good baby :angel: I am so lucky to have him :) He slept right through last night , he had his last bottle about 10 pm and I had to wake him for his bottle at 7.30 am this morning. But Haley had me up at 2.30 am so still not a full nights sleep LOL The nurse couldnt believe how chunky he is , he weighs 13 pounds 4 oz now :eek: She said he is a little heavier than the average weight for his age,but its certainly not anything to be concerned about....
I transferred him from his cradle to his cot 2 nights ago, he seems to have settled into it really well :) He was starting to look a little cramped in the cradle, not that he was too big for it, but I imagined myself sleeping in a box and thought no way I would be claustrophobic LOL I also have a swing for Adam its a fisher price smart response one that plays music too....Its great because it has the sensor thingy, so if he gets a little wingey it will start playing automatically :)
Well my darling little girl Haley took her first steps a few days ago :D She can walk about 6 to 8 steps now then drops down on her bottom LOL but it looks soooooooooooo cute seeing such a little person walking LOL She has also been a LOT better since getting over her illness etc....So things are finally settling down a little. I just hope it stays that way for a while :)
Anyway just wanted to quickly pop in and say hi, I will read through all the posts I have missed this past week and catch up on everyone ...
Hope you all had a wonderful new year my friends and that this year brings much JOY and HAPPINESS to you all :angel:

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