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My third child was the same and I was losing my mind! She was small when she was born and would eat all of the time. She would literally fall asleep nursing, but she would not let me pull her off. I tried a pacifier and it did not work. Basically she just needed to eat a ton. My let down was good she is just a huge eater. Even now, she is 9 months old, and is slim but eats more than any baby I have ever seen. I did notice with her when she was about 2 months old she kind of got some colic for a while. I think it was gas though and I would rub her belly and move her legs and that seemed to help. My best advice is just keep feeding, learn how to sleep and feed (on your side works best) and it does taper off at about three months old. Know that you are doing the best for your baby by breastfeeding. Also know that if your baby cries for a couple of min. it is o.k. You can leave him in his crib to take a shower or with a friend or relative for a couple of min. You will get a sanity break and be a better mom for it. Hope this helps!

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