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Re: Help
Nov 30, 2004
Justme....It isn't just you :wave: ..I was offered advice on my thread by some wonderful people who have helped me over the past few months with my teenager problems as well as other things. And I would like to share one piece of advice I received must trust that you are a great parent and have done a wonderful job with your daughter....and now allow God to take over where He had begun in bringing her into this world. It's a scary place and there are so many more things to worry about in raising children today than there were when we were children. It is wise for you to bring your daughter to the doctor to discuss birth control...I know that it is wiser to perpare her so that she has a future and doesn't make the mistake of having a child before her own life has begun. As for you will return to something good when your daughter has learned to deal with the stress the new move has placed on her. It is tough for her to graduate high school with people she barely knows rather than those she has grown up with....I couldn't imagine doing that when I was that age and imagine that it must be so difficult for her to do so. Just a you have a family member that perhaps would keep her on in order to do so???? I don't know how long ago you've moved but I know of people who did this and it worked out....she's going to be off to college after she a senior??? Do you see this as a possibility and is it too late??? The way I calculate things she only has this year to finish up and if there were anyway that she could finish up the year and graduate with her friends that she has known most of her life, it may be just what she needs at this point in time. After that her friends will go their own way & moving in with you to attend a community college will be an easier transition because that's the time you meet new people who become your friends. Or perhaps she'll go away to college...I'm just concerned that she will go downhill as far as her grades and her life in this year which is the final year of her childhood before adulthood. The boyfriend is going to be an issue whether he's there or here....either way there is not much we can do in terms of our teen's sexual activity. We can only keep the lines of communication open and increase their awareness of the consequences and preventon of such things as STD's and unwanted pregnancy. Is there anyone you can trust in the area you just moved from to assist in this transition in your daughter' life??? It's a big responsibility but if I had a family member that I was close enough to or a very close friend...I would consider this as a loving gesture in helping your daughter complete her last year of high school where she feels most at home. What do you this even an option????

No matter will get through this. Your daughter is unhappy and at this age normally self centered. Until she is an adult she views this move as "ruining her life". She sees it as "if I'm miserable then I'm going to make everyone else miserable too!!" And teens have a magical way of getting that accomplished...they have the dtermination as well as the energy that we lack ;) I wish I could wave a magic wand for both of us in orde to make it all disappear but my daughter's pediatrician promised me the other day that things wil be better whn she's 21...5 years for me and 4 for you...we'll have to celebrate together for having survived what I call,...the meanager years :dizzy: :dizzy: Hope this helps & know that you're not alone...Goody :wave:

Goody :wave:

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