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[QUOTE=whiteluluflower][FONT=Comic Sans MS] :) hi guys! :wave:
as my title go's, how do u get a 4 year old (5, in 17days!!!) to sleep.

We put Tyler to bed at about 8:00-8:30 latest. my mom reads him a story, etc, etc..
he does have a routine.. get dressed into pjs, then brush teeth..pick book, my mom and him, read to each other.. hug and kiss good nite.

Light goes off, lamp goes on.. my mom leaves room.. and he "should" fall asleep.

this is been goin on for awhile. and we're gettin annoyed!
he leaves his room, and comes in here or somethin, then we make him go back.. even if he stays in his room, he'll play or something..

Yesterday, my mom put him to bed at 8:00pm, but he actually fell asleep... about...... 11:35pm.. or so :eek:

He is busy in the day.. he gos to school, from about 9am-5:15pm.. and he does lots of stuff there.. the he comes home.. and he is still busy usually..

what else can we do to make him sleepy?!? HELP!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH, I thought that i was reading about my little 4 year old. My best friend ( like my sister ) just died 4 months ago and i now am raising her 4 yr old boy and 7 yr old girl. Both children are night owls and do not like to go to bed!!!!!! They were like that when they were still with there mom. The 4 yr old does the EXACT same thing as yours does at night. Very Very rarely will he go directly to sleep when put in his room. It is CRAZY!!!!! I just accepted that there really isnt much more than i can do but do the whole bedtime routine like you do and just keep being persistant that he stays in his room, IN BED and just keep reprimanding him every time he comes out of his room and hope that over time he will change and except it. I sympathize with you, i know just what you are going through!!!!!! ValleyGurl

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