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I'm not going to read all the replies...but this is my feelings!
I'm 18 so i'm not to much older than your son.

My mom would punish me in elementary through HS, I would be grounded for a week if I forgot my agenda -- but I knew what my homework was and did it. If I got below a C in any class I was grounded. I got no reward for the good grades, so I had no incentive to make the good grades.

I have just recently realized what I want for my life isn't want my family wants for me. My family wants me to go to a 4 yr university, majoring in something that makes big bucks. What I want to do is work with children. I would be perfect content, working at an average job, doing something average. I just want to work with children!

The only reason I went to a university vs my local community college was my family and now I regret that. because I just waasted almost $2,000, in schooling costs. When I can spend apx $1,000 and be out of school, with a normal paying job, working regualar hours [40 hrs a week], etc.

Your son may also be going through the phase of finding out who he is, not what others want him to be. One big thing my mom did wrong, is talking AT me not TO me. There is so much I wish I could talk to her about, yet I can't because she wont listen.

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