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[QUOTE=besafe20]I can't understand why you would even consider putting your child in day care when you have someone who is like a second mother to him who loves him very much. What a godsend. I don't have any family where I live and I am 22 with a 13 month old. My husband is at school all day and studies a ton after school so I basically do a lot myself. I wanted a part time job so badly but it was hard to find one because of my availability. I am sorry but I couldn't put my baby in daycare because I would rather him get attention from one person and not be exposed to all those childhood illnesses. Do you know what the ratio is for caregiver to infant? Its one caregiver to 4 infants. Plus these people are total strangers. You are so lucky I wish you would see that. I would do anything to have someone willing to take care of my son that really enjoys him so I could take a break or whatever else I need to do.[/QUOTE]
I totally agree. My daughter was in daycare and got so sick that she ended up in the hospital. She received so much amoxicillian that she built up an immunity against it and ended up with a yeast infection. You really overrreated. My goodness I wish I could have had someone like that when my daughter was a baby. Not to mention the cost and there are many cases of neglect and abuse. My daughter was in a another daycare temporarily and she told me after I took her out that the daycare woman would hit the kids with a plastic baseball bat whenever they were "bad"! :eek: I asked her if she ever got hit and she said no which I believed because my daughter is very quiet and keeps to herself but still the thought of that enraged me. Had I known this before I honestly think no, I know I would have ended up in jail because heads would have rolled and asses would have been kicked. I found out that many daycares in the area and close by do the same thing. Needless to say when I was pregnant with my son I told my husband the baby was not going into daycare and I stay at home with him. You really are very fortunate with this woman. If you think daycare would be better I fear you might be mistaken.

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