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Re: Bite
Jan 9, 2005
This makes me SOOOO unbelievably angry. I would call the authorities so fast. And I'm sorry, but that is just so moronic of that baby's parents. How dare your babysitter "blame" your 1 year old for something? She could've prevented it with her supervision, and if the other parents don't realize that, they could be continuing to endanger their baby. What's to stop this woman from leaving the baby unattended with another child who may do worse things?

I'm sorry, but noone can convince me that a 15 month old is responsible for his own actions. I am just fuming over this one. He's still practically a baby himself, for crying out loud. He doesn't have the skills to limit his own behavior. That's why he needs adults with him AT ALL TIMES to show him how.

My son is a good kid, but he's 18 months old, and as I've said previously, I would never leave him alone with an infant. They are so impulsive, rough, and unpredictable at that age. They don't have the understanding to know how to treat a baby. It's just curiosity and playfullness but coupled with a lack of understanding of inflicting harm, those things can be dangerous.

Call the authorities on that woman! Tell them it's an unsafe environment for your son and the baby because she obviously doesn't watch them closely enough, and she tries to blame babies for her negligence!!!!

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