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Re: By What Age?
Jan 20, 2005
A lot of parents think that when they have to talk about sex to their young children they need to talk about all the intercourse details. That is not necessary. Usually when we think about a sexual education at a very young age, it is mostly talking about the differences between girls and boys (man and women). Children will see their mother and fathers naked, or brother or sister etc. Will see mother breastfeeding etc. They will ask questions, what are those, what is this. They deserve a straight, honest answer with the right vocabulary. My boys saw me during my menses and though I was hurt. I explained to them that I wasn't hurt and why. It is such a gradual thing that you don't even notice that you are giving them a sexual education. I also bought age appropriate books about sex. The book on sexual education for children 3-6 was not about intercourse it was about the difference between little boys and girls (not only genitals).

I remember my neighbour telling me that her 4 year old had found a condom in her fathers drawer and when she asked her what it was, my neighbour answered "It is nothing for you to know". I told her that what she had just told her daughter was "In this house "sex" is a taboo subject. Do not come to me for answers because it is a subject that makes me feel very uncomfortable. Go somewhere else to find your answers. I added that she didn't have to go in all the "gory" details with her daughter. All she needed to say was "This prevents mommy and daddy from having another baby". Probably her daughter would have been sastified with that.

If you feel very uncomfortable talking about sex, or don't know how to go about it, use books, this will help a lot. They will get the right answers and you will teach them to come to you if they have a problem.

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