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K- my mom just told me this story. My mom and dad would take me in the shower with them until I was about 2 or 3. The reason for this is that we had a tiny house with no tub and I was afraid to shower on my own. Well, around that age, I was asking my Dad about the differences, and apparently went to my mom very upset that I didn't have a penis. LOL. After that I never saw my dad naked again.

My DH and his brother saw his mom naked all the time. She didn't care, and I guess they didn't either. They got to the age where they would leave the room or avert their eyes or say "mom, get out!" cause she'd just walk in on them when they were naked teens and put their clothes away or something. LOL. I don't want to go to that extreme, but DH isn't scarred sexually or psycologically at all from that.

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