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I have to agree! How will they like it if the clothes that were on the floor ended up in a trash bag and all they had to wear to school was whatever they had left and this would go on until they realize that they had to put their clothes in the hamper.
Put them in seperate areas to do their homework and if it is not done by dinner then they do NOT get dinner. It will NOT kill your kids but they will learn. You have to follow through, do NOT say something if you are not going to do it and do not cave in because you feel sorry for them, let them leave the house wearing one orange sock and one pink sock and pants that no longer fit with an old holy tie dyed shirt. This WILL get them to want their own clothes back. As far as feeding the dog let them know that the dog will be given away, find a friend to call and say "yes I am calling about the ad you have in the paper about the dog your giving away?' make sure they answer the phone!
They sound like they have you suckered, It also sounds like you have had enough and are wising up to them. You go mamma! Your on a roll and it's very much OK to yell at your children now and again in fustration. I do recommend looking for the Dr.Phil book on parenting he has GREAT tips.
I am not lazy and never was. I helped out in my house growing up and I have to tell you that when I was punished, I was punished. I was never hit by either parent, but when I was grounded, I was grounded and didn't move from my house until the grounding period was over. If it was two weeks, it lasted two weeks. My mother ALWAYS followed through with everything she said. Good & bad. If I did something good, I was rewarded and if I did something bad, I was punished. In my house, both my brother and I knew my mom would go through with whatever she said so we thought twice about doing something we would get in trouble for. And she never had to ask us twice to do something.
I am 42 yrs old and kids are alot different now than when I was young. They get away with murder and because society is the way it is, they're lazy and mouthy.
I agree with the other posters - Make a chore list, make a homework rule and make up a punishment if these tasks are not completed. The most important thing is STICKING TO IT. No matter "how bad" you may feel, don't let them sucker you into it. If they know there are boundaries and repercussion for their actions, they will straighten up.

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