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This situation sounds almost exactly what my sister went through. My mother met and married a man who changed jobs alot.. I was already out of the house so it wasnt an issue for me... my sister changed schools several times until they settled into a well to do neighbourhood.. She started attending school and became very anxious and depressed... similar complaints about the kids being snobby and rich... My sister continued in that school despite her complaints and eventually graduated high school from that school.. she didnt attend any functions nor her senior prom. Because making friends at school was very difficult she spent hours on the computer talking to her old friends and eating.. needless to say due to the eating and depression she gained alot of weight to the point where it is unhealthy....however.. my sister also continued to get good grades... I dont think my parents saw it as much of an issue bc she was able to make several good friends at her part time job.... but never the less... she felt different from the kids at school, never really made friends and overall didnt have a good high school experience..

Bottom line is that your daughter needs to get an education... and as a parent its your job to ensure that she does..I think it is wonderful you are so concerned for your daughter and have checked out other options such a private school.. but it sounds like it is time though she gets settled into school whether she likes it or we all know kids need routine and structure ... and now that you are finally settled it doesnt make sense that she move to a different school yet again... after all... even adults sometimes have to do do things we dont like.. (get up for work every morning) should encourage her to get involved in extra curricular activities that she enjoys.. its possible that she may find friends who have similar interests.. Also outside of school .. get her involved in activities where she can also make friends... Im sure your daughter is a wonderful and sociable person.. she just needs to find children that share similar interests as her..

as for counseling... if she is experiencing alot of anxiety and you are seeing signs of depression then by all means you should seek out help for her... a professional may be able to help your daughter find ways of coping with her anxiety at school... You dont' want it to get to the point where she stops putting effort into school work or even stops attending altogether... Depression is serious and can sometimes lead to serious consequences if left untreated... Just continue to be there for your daughter and keep active in her life.. Best Wishes to you and your family

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