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Andrea - My DH works every second Saturday as well and this past weekend we got in a huge fight because Saturday night he wanted to go out with his friends... and Sunday he was having a superbowl party... I was mad and said when was he going to spend time with me and Avery.. particularly me... I don't feel like a couple anymore.. he works 5:30am til 2:30pm... he is always tired and goes to bed most nights at 8:30pm..I just never feel like there is any alone time... especially since she goes to bed at 10pm and he is already gone to bed then...

He has, however, been great with Avery.. I started going to the gym and plan on it 5 days a week.. so basically I have set up a schedule so every day I can get out of the house for at least 2 myself.. and he is great.. he takes care of her and all... but he doesnt understand that I need time with him too... so i lost it on Friday night and he acted like an idiot... he ended up going to bed at 9pm but didnt go out on yes I know all about the difficulties with transition.. he tried to rub in my face that I get to see my friends but its not like we are out partying and drinking like he wants to do... me and my friend are sweating it out at the gym...Thursday is our 1 year wedding anniversary and we are going out to dinner. My friend is going to watch I guess we will get some alone time there...

ohh yes and like Lisa mentioned in another post.. even having a child doesnt mean that he will cut down on his drinking... why is it that he has to have a couple beer every night??? I mean I dont do that and when I worked I didnt come home every night and have a drink so I dont get it.. he said he would cut down once the baby got here.... but that hasnt happened... sometimes I just get sick of trying.. and of nagging... lol..

Avery and I are probably going to visit my mother in Germany in the spring... so maybe he will miss us and change his ways... lol.. wishful thinking...Its funny I just dont feel like a wife anymore.. I feel like a roommate that cooks, cleans and takes care of her baby.... nothing more.. anyone else feel like that???

Other than some issues there.. Avery has been doing good.. she had a bout of diarherra (sp?) for two days but seems to be better now...I really can't complain at all.. she is a wonderful little girl and her smiles make anything bearable...ohh and she started to laugh the other day... she likes to laugh at me... its soooo cute...she just got a little care package from her grandma with all kinds of cute clothes in she is all set...well im going to head off to bed again since Avery is taking a nap..exercising is taking the good out of me.. but my body is finally starting to look better so I will stick with it..Take Care everyone and Andrea let me know how it goes with DH!!!
[COLOR=Purple]Hello everyone!
Lisa: I think I would feel the same way if my hubby got snipped...I think what you are feeling is normal... I hear that getting snipped is reversable if you do decide that, so just think of it like that :)

AMY!!!!! WOOOHOOOO! We were so worried about you! It's nice to hear all about Ammalin, since she is the same exact age as Alexa! :) Lexi still isn't rolling, but she is trying so hard! When she is on her tummy, she rocks back and's so funny! I actually heard (since I am a teacher, etc) that it isn't considered a "roll" until they do back to belly... But since we are moms, we consider it a roll! ahhahaha! :D
Lexi is babbling up a storm and now belly laughing..she is so cute!
She is a great sleeper at night (keep your fingers crossed!!!) usually only waking up around 3/4:00ish... then again at 7:00ish... BUT.........she doesn't like to nap!!! For about 2 weeks, she was taking about 2 cat naps during the a.m. (around 9 and 12ish), then a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon around 2:00/3:00ish... But for the last 4 days, she is cat napping all day...and crying to fall asleep for ALLLLL of her naps!!! She got rid of her long nap all together... then falls asleep for a cat nap around 5:30...then bed around 6:45 since she is sooo tired. I really want to get her take at least ONE long nap...any suggestions?
I wouldn't really care too much, but she is so exhausted come 1:00pm since she is fighting her sleep she is miserable :( I feel that some days our whole day is spent getting her to sleep!!!
OH..that is another thing...she won't fall asleep (very seldom) in her swing or bouncy seat now...She needs me to "sway and bounce" with her....saying, "ohh. ohhh...ohh..."... (only for her naps...not at bedtime)
I know that it might seem like I am enabling this, but it is the only thing that gets her sleep.
I FEEL SO BADLY FOR HER...I mean, she is sooo exhausted all afternoon...
ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE????????? :confused:

Also.... She has what you call a "stork bite" on the lower back of her head. But you can't see it unless you move her hair over since she has sooo much of it!!! When you are holding her in cradle position, she sometimes moves her head back and forth like she is shaking her head "NO"... I think it is itchy! I looked at it and it was peeling and a little raw looking. Is this normal?

We have her 4 month check up on the 22nd (day before she is 4 months), but I just want some input!


Andrea - I am stumped on how to get Lexi to nap during the day... Avery doesnt like to nap much either but it doesnt bother me because she sleeps so well at night.. Avery will sleep anywhere you put her if she is tired her swing , in my arms, on a blanket on the floor.. lol... I think she is coming down with a bit of a cold though.. this morning she was miserable and crying... shes been coughing and her right eye is watery... she had a little crust from her noise.. everything I read though said that there is nothing you can really do for a cold unless it progresses to something worse.. she has been pretty much sleeping all day and night... I hope tomorrow she wakes feeling better... I hate seeing her that way..

PJ - Gabby sounds like she is growing so well.. she is going to be a big girl... and don't worry about taking care of things on your own once your mom leaves.. you will adjust as I did and you will be wonderful.. you will just learn to shower and take care of yourself when Gabby is napping...

Amy - long time no see.. you need to post more hun... you worry us.. glad to hear you are not pregnant.. i know you were worried about that last time.. it sounds like Ammalin is doing wonderful... thats great that she is rolling....its soo wonderful when they laugh and smile eh... I bet going back to work has been difficult for you.. I am dreading it myself but I dont have to think about it until Oct.... Im struggling with the weight thing myself... trying to lose the last 15 lbs... as everyone else knows I have been exercising like crazy and eating properly.. and not losing a pound... so its been a struggle for me..

Lisa - that is very exciting that Haley starts at the child centre so soon... it will give you a bit a of break from her... and will be good for her to do some activities and play with other children... I don't blame you for being upset about the CHOP.. it seems so final but as Andrea said they can be reversed if need be... also I have heard of many pregnancies occuring after a vasectomy... so you just never know!

Well other than Avery not feeling so well.. there is not much to report here.. hope everyone's little ones continue to do well...take care
Hi everyone, wow its been a while since I posted SORRY ! It seems now that Adam is getting much more demanding I lose track of my time and days LOL He goes for his first physio session today and has to have his immunisation shots tomorrow , so not a good week for him :( Im actually dreading taking him out today as we are in for a stinking hot day . But I dont want to re-schedule the appt in case its weeks before he can be seen again.( Must remember to top up the coolant in the car.) His neck actually seems to be better to me, but hopefully having the physio will improve it even more. I cant believe he is 16 weeks old already. I was going to ask you guys, have your little ones started throwing little tantrums yet ? The past week or so, sometimes when I put him down he throws a little tantrum, its actually quite cute LOL But I tell him dont start that with me young man LMAO Well just over a week till Haley starts going to child care one day a week. Im actually a little nervous about it. But Im sure she will be fine :) I have to ring them today to arrange a time to go in a fill in the paperwork etc and we will stay for about half an hour just to see how she goes. The last 3 nights have been great, Haley has gone straight to sleep :D But at the expense of an afternoon nap. Man I hope Im doing the right thing, but it was suggested to me to cut out her afternoon nap and she gets really grumpy around dinner time as she is tired, but I dont know whats worse, letting her have a nap in the afternoon and then roaring for hours in the evening , or her being grumpy around dinner, but peace in the evening LOL Im more worried that Im doing the wrong thing by not giving her an afternoon nap, she is still a baby and needs her sleep to grow etc. But in saying that she has still slept well over 12 hours overnight. Around 13 hours actually, so I guess she is still gettting plenty of sleep. Im sure I would worry if I had nothing to worry about LMAO.
Shannon glad to hear Avery is feeling much better, there is nothing worse when your baby is sick, you feel so helpless :( Adam too grips things now, but I have to place them in his hand ie his rattle. Its so funny, but I know he is just discovering he has hands LOL You can see him looking at them intently and bringing them up to his mouth. But the absolute concentration on his face as he is doing it is soooooooo cute :)
PJ How are things settling down for you now hun ? Hope things are getting better at home for you. Im sure you will miss your mum, but it would also be nice to have your home and husband back again. Pop in and say hi and let us know how you are going .
Andrea, I actually dont know what you mean by stork bite, sorry I have never heard of it, unless its called something else over here in OZZIE land LOL
Have you tried a carry pouch that attaches to you for Lexi ? Im sure she weighs a ton now LOL I havent had Adam in his for weeks now, between the heat and his weight, but it may be an idea. At least you can still get things done and she may just drift off to sleep. Let us know how things go and can you explain to me what a stork bite is please LOL
Actually PJ you mentioned weight I will get Adam weighed today, havent had him weighed in so long, but believe me he is growing. When I was out the other day a lady asked me how old he is and I told her, and she couldnt believe it when I told her, she thought he was about 6 months old LOL The last time I had him weighed he was 13 pounds 4 oz and that was at least 6 weeks ago maybe 8 weeks. So who knows how much he weighs now :p
Maggie where are you hun ? Hope things are ok with you and that Ian is settling down a little.
Well better head off and get ready for this awfully hot day we are about to have :(
Catch up soon and Take Care everyone !
Good Morning Ladies: Its 6:30am here and Avery thinks its playtime so thus I am up.. haha... I just wanted to pop in quick and say happy 4 month b days to Lexi and Ammalin and happy 3 month to Avery...I just cant believe they are growing so fast...

PJ - I dont blame you about the bed thing.. I think in the beginning out of exhaustion we have all done the same thing with the babies in the bed... I think Lisa gave you good advice and its best to get into a routine of feeding them somewhere other than the bed a night time. I dont mean to scare you but I work for an social services agency and there was an incident of a baby dying bc the parent roll over on top of it and smothered it during the night while sleeping... thank god that nothing happened but I guess words to the wise for next time...everytime i think of putting her in the bed with me I think of that... so I dont dare...

Andrea - I hope everything goes well with you going back to work.. it will be a bit of a transition but im sure everything will be fine... wow Lexi is getting real big...15lbs... I am also excited to start rice cereal but I probably have a month to go...I guess its fun when our babies start new things... and I wouldnt worry too much about Lexi batting at things... as the doc said im sure it will come in time..

Lisa - you will have to let us know how the physio session goes.. I really hope it works for Adam and his flat spot improves... hahah no tantrums yet from miss avery but im sure soon enough..Thats exciting that Haley starts her child care centre... im sure she will do fine and give you a much needed break... as for the napping thing.. I think I would rather have a crabby kid at dinner time and have her go to bed without problems at night... but what do I know.. im just a mom to a 3 month old... LOL.. I hope that you continue to have success with cutting out the afternoon nap...maybe you could let her sleep half the time of the usual nap and wake her up??? would that work?? I dont know... and yes the concentration on the hands is funny... I guess to a baby they are quite amazing.. haha

Well im off to see if I can get this little back to sleep so I can go back to bed... take care everyone.. post soon
:wave: Hi everyone! Sorry I've been away for so long, I went away for the weekend with Gabby, It was awesome!! I can't belive how easy it was she was such a good girl :D
Shannon : Wooo hooo so glad to hear your feeling better :bouncing:
Lisa : I just read your reply to my post about sleeping to my dh about haley comming back into bed with you at 10 months Ha! At least I've given him lots of warning! How awfull for someone to steal your pram!! That is sooo low :mad: I'm glad you like your new one but as you say it doesn't take away from the fact someone was mean enough to take a baby's pram!
Andrea : I'm glad Alexa is cooing again for you, Gabby has started cooing at strangers now it's pretty funny, she is LOUD! lol
She is sleeping sooooo good now. Lately she's been falling asllep between 7:30 - 8:30 sleeping till 6:00 ish then either going back to sleep for a couple of hours or being awake for a bit then having a nap in the morning :D
She had her 1st shots on Friday :( I had dh's Mom hold her lol I'm such a wimp. The actual shot bit wasn't bad at all but that evening she screamed like I have never heard her scream :( I gave her some Calpol which seemed to take some of the pain away but she finally passed out at 7:30 then slept right through till 6:00 poor baby. Gabby is now rolling on her side!! :bouncing: She did it for the 1st time this morning, trying to look at the TV then kept on doing it like" look at me, I'm a clever girl!!"
Hope everyone is doing well :) TTYS P.J.
Hi everyone... glad to see everyone is doing okay.

PJ - I hope you have some luck with that formula. I hope the cheaper formula works.. bc formula as it is ... is soo expensive... I was wondering how your C section pooch is?? haha mine is getting better.. I am finally able to fit into some of my old jeans so that is a bonus..

Lisa - Glad to her Adam is gobbling up his food like crazy.. I figured he would if he was watching you eat so intently.. I started Avery on some carrots the other day and boy oh boy does she love them. She opens her mouth so wide.. haha.. I hope that is she this good with all food... it must be difficult with Haley being such a picky eater.... definately makes meals hard to plan...oh yes and for those who havent tried carrots yet... Avery has these coloured spoons that turn white if the food is too hot.. well the carrots stained the spoon... so just to let everyone know.. I use the same spoon now when feeding her bc i dont want to stain all the others... are there any other foods you have to worry about stains???

Andrea - Are u having any success with starting over??? I hope so... Alexa sounds soo big.. 18lbs sounds right on the mark though bc Avery is about 15 lbs at 4 months too.. 25 3/4 " long.. daddy is 6'1" so she may be a tall one..

Well everything is going well.. I am taking Avery on Friday to apply for her passport as a month from then we will be heading to visit grandma in Germany. Im excited to get away for 3 weeks... She loves the exersaucer we bought her for easter.. I think she would prefer to be standing all the time so she loves it.. not to mention all the cool toys...Hard to believe summer is on its way... I am looking forward to warm weather and being able to take her outside for a walk.. we just bought a new patio set with a good umbrellla so that she can be outside in her playpen under it... I cant wait... well I must go.. Avery is in desperate need of a nap and is fussing... Take Care everyone

Maggie - I really wish you would just check in quick so we know u are okay!
Wondering if anyone else's baby is off with the time change... Avery who usually sleeps through the night without a feeding has woke up the past three nights for a bottle.. she would eventually go to sleep after this.. will this pass or should this be expected each time change???

Andrea - glad to hear Lexi is now ready for foods...avery is eating oatmeal cereal for breakfast and rice cereal for supper. She has tried, carrots, green beans and creamed corn... she is doing really good with all of it... I will probably start her on fruit in Germany in a month's time. As for the napping.. I think its just her... Avery is the same way.. sometimes its a 20 min nap another time it might be 1 1/2 hours... Let me know if the book has any helpful suggestions.

PJ - this passport thing has been a hassle.. hardly anywheres in town here does infant passport pics and finally when I found a place... they charged me $25 CAD... ridiculous I thought when adults can get them done for $8.99.. I am just waiting to get the application back from my husbands aunt who is a judge.. she is signing it for us... then we have to go back into the office and pass it all back in... Im glad to hear that someone believes that you are not overfeeding her and it is probably reflux.. i dont know too much about the whole issue but I have heard other ppls dr's have suggested putting a small amount of rice cereal in the bottle to thicken it up a bit. Has your doc suggested this or have you tried it? If it worked it might save you some money as I know all those special formulas cost and arm and a leg..

Well I just wanted to pop in quick.. I must go.. take care everyone and post soon!
Hey everyone, how's it going? :)
Gabby seems to be doing much better on this staydown formula... still manages to bring some of it up but deffinatly a lot less than she was yay! I keep considering a bit of rice cereal but they discourage it so much before 16 weeks.... even though almost everyone I talk to has started before that lol.
She is getting sooo strong! I can pull her to standing all ready and she loves it! Everytime I hold her on my lap she's pushing her legs up lol.... excersaucer here we come! She's really co-ordinated as well... don't know who she gets that from cause I'm a klutz ha ha but she's good at grabbing and batting her gym toys :D
Lisa I hope you had a lovely time last weekend! Dh's mom babysat for us Sat. night... it was so nice ( but strange ) to go out as a couple again ha ha. I've booked me and Gabby's flights for Canada.. we go May 9th for 3 weeks :bouncing: My poor husband is dreading us being away for so long, he's really going to miss his baby girl.
Shannon I can't belive you had to pay so much for Avery's photo's!!! I only had to pay 1.99 GBP! I've managed to book a bulk head seat for the flight out but could only get an aisle on the way back... I'm so dreading a 9 hour flight with a 4mnth old!
Andrea Gabby's the same with her naps :rolleyes: She's a great sleeper at night but most days she only has 20mins here and there ... then she'll have a catch up day and have a 2 hour nap lol
Well i better jet... take care everyone... Where are you all? TTYS PJ
Hi Andrea, good to see you post again :) Adam isnt rollling yet either, but Im sure that they will in their own good time LOL I know what you mean about the rolls, I love Adams fat little legs :D I think he lost a little weight in that week that he had the runs, but he was a big boy anyway, so it didnt do him any harm . I started him on solids again a few days ago, but Im going to stick with just the baby rice for a couple of weeks before I try and introduce other foods to him again. Im still not sure if giving him the fruit is what caused him to have the runs for a week, but Im not prepared to take the risk again.
You mentioned about your weight, I too am about 16 pounds lighter than before I concieved, but my stomach is still huge :( But I guess I did have 2 babies in under 2 years LOL So do you think Alexa has started teething yet ? I know that the teeth can move around in their gums for a couple of months before they actually crack the surface so to speak. I think thats what is happening with Adam right now, his cheeks have been really red on and off the past few weeks and he has been pretty grouchy :( He is sleeping really well, he normally goes to sleep about 8.30 pm and sleeps right through until about 7.30 to 8.30 am. I have started putting on a double cloth nappy on him at night as he ends up drenching through his pjs with just a disposable nappy on. Man little boys wee heaps LOL He seems to wee a lot more than Haley does or ever did :)
PJ, Im glad you mentioned about giving Gabby water in the afternoon, I think I should probably start doing the same with Adam now that he is on solids. You must be getting really excited about going to Canada :bouncing: Ive only ever been overseas once and that was when I was a kid about 10. My mother was born in England, but came out to Australia when she was 12. Anyway we lived in England and Scotland for about 8 months. I would love to go back there to see it through adult eyes. I would also love to go to the USA one day. Oh well maybe sometime in the future .
Erin welcome aboard :jester: Jack weighed one ounce less than my little fella at birth :) Looking forward to getting to know you better !
Anyway must go and give Haley her lunch while Adam is having a nap.
Speak soon everyone and take care !
Hi Everyone

Sorry for not posting in a while. It's been a busy week trying to get ready for our trip to Germany on Sunday. My car broke down and won't be fixed until I get back so I was having to drive DH to work for 530am with Avery... yuck..anyways.. everything is fine now.. we have her passport and are ready to go.. I just have to do some packing..We are going out tonight for dinner for mother's day since I will be gone..going for Italian.. it will be nice..

Andrea - I know what you mean about rolling over only a couple of times.. Avery has rolled from her back to her tummy, and tummy to back once each... she doesn;t have the hang of it yet.. Im guessing they are flukes..I wouldnt worry too much about the flat head thing... I have read that many babies get this and it goes away eventually on its own. Unless the dr is really concerned.. dont be.

Amy - wow.. I cant believe Ammalin. The last time you posted she had doubled her birth weight in like a month or two..I guess she is getting more active and the weight gain is slowing down. As long as the dr doesnt see a problem with it Im sure she is fine.

PJ- glad to hear Gabby is feeling better - It would make for a long flight with a sick little one.. Ugh I am dreading the flight on Sunday.

Lisa - How is Adam and Haley? Doing good I hope.

Erin - you are right about babies doing things on their own time. Both Adam and Lexi were born early so we all have to take that into consideration. As for me... Avery on the other hand was born 1 1/2 weeks late... so Im sure that affects things too.... how is Jack doing?

Well I must go I hear Avery starting to stir from her nap. Take Care and I can post from Germany as my mom has computer access.. talk soon.

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