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:wave: Hey everyone,
Hope you flight isn't too bad Shannon!!... it's the 8 hour time difference that has me worried :yawn: But it'll be so worth it to see our families!
Gabby's made 2 discoveries this week.... 1) her feet! lol it's soooo funny to watch her trying to put her big toe in her mouth when she's sitting on my lap and when she's on the floor she just grabs hold of them and rocks onto her side all the while screeching.... discovery no. 2! Her new "talking" voice that more resembles a strangled cat... the people on the plane are sooo gonna love that ha ha.
The last 2 days she's woken up at 5 and 5:20 ugh.. not too sure what thats all about? I'm all ready sleep feeding her at about 10:30pm but she's due to start on solids next week so maybe she's just ready for something a little heavier. Any suggestions on a good time of day to start?
Andrea I agree with Lisa on the sidesleeping, Gabby sleeps proped on her side everynight, by the morning she's always on her back but I figure at least she's getting some time off the back of her head... thats a good suggestion about turing them round in thier crib though... don't know why I hadn't thought of that Lol, Saying that she loves to sleep on her tummy and naps best when she's tummy down... but I'm so paranoid I'll only let her when I'm in the room, hence I don't get much done during her naps. Try not too worry too much hun... like everyones else said lots of babies have flat spots and I'm sure it'll fill out on it's own.
Amy awww it sounds like you have a petite little one there! Wow Gabby's such a chunk lol she weighed 13lbs 13oz at 12 weeks!! I couldn't belive it yesterday I went to buy her some t-shirts and the 3-6mnth looked too small so I ended up with 6-9mnth... My friends little girl is 14months old and just into 9-12months.
Lisa how are your little ones? Has Haley settled down at night for you now?
I rang the Dr's to ask about making a 4 month check appt... cause in my "what to expect" book it said they usually have a 4 month check.... nope apperantly not! Unless I have any concerns they don't do routine check ups ?? And if I want her wieghed and mesured I can take her to the drop in baby clinic that runs every 3 weeks but I don't have to ... SO how do they know if she's developing properly? Maybe I'm overreacting but this along with the whole immunization thing is making me seriously consider changing doctors offices.
I better jet.. I've got to go into town today... and it's pouring down UGH

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