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Hi guys sorry I havent had a chance to get in and say HI .
Great to hear from you Maggie, Im sure your life is VERY busy having 2 children to care for and working etc. I dont know how you do it. I actually saw my old job advertised the other day, I really would have loved to apply for it, I use to love that job and it was perfect. Only 3 hours a day from 4 pm to 7 pm working on the telephone. So Hubby could have looked after the babies, but I honestly dont think he would cope very well looking after 2 babies straight from finishing work himself, then coming home cooking dinner, bathing babies etc. Maybe in a year or two I may be able to see if they would take me back again . I just got kind of whimsical ( sp ) about actually being a person again if you know what I mean LOL Dont get me wrong I love my babies, they are my WHOLE world, but occasionally I get a little sad over not having a life anymore LOL
Andrea I pray that your test results come back good :angel: I actually went through all of that about 8 years ago, I ended up having to have cancerous cells removed off of my cervix then had to be closely watched for a couple of years. Thankfully all my tests have come back normal over the last 7 years or so :) Try not to fret about not breastfeeding anymore, like Shannon said the main thing is that your baby is HAPPY and HEALTHY . I know what you mean about fearing pregnancy LOL Remember Haley was not even 4 months old when I fell pregnant to Adam . Man do I so not want to fall pregnant, but thankfully Jules go in for the big chop on the 11th Feb, but we will still have to be VERY careful for a few months after that too ! Actually a friend of my sisters has just been blown away. She has a daughter about to turn 2 , another 5 month old daughter and just found out she is 6 weeks pregnant, maybe longer :eek: So she is going to have 3 babies under 3 !!!!!! I do very occasionally think it would be nice to have JUST 1 more LOL but not now ! But that wont happen with Jules getting chopped, plus I think Im getting too old. I will be 37 in October. I know lots of women do wait till there 40 to have babies, but I dont want to LOL way too old IMO lol
Shannon glad to hear your FIL left. I take it , it wasnt a good visit :( Thankgod I dont have to endure my FIL anymore. My life is hard enough with out putting up with his crap. Jules has spoken to him on the phone a few times, but the old boy knows where he stands in regards to coming here. I havent stopped Jules from seeing his father if he chooses to go up to where he lives, I just wont have him here. I occasionally feel bad that he hasnt got to meet Adam, but I have to put my children first ! Glad your outing with Avery went well :) Just think in about a years time she can sit up in a high chair and trash the place LOL We went out for a meal a few weeks back and you should have seen how much mess Haley made LMAO I had to clean it up though , I just couldnt have walked out leaving it all there LOL
Well I have to take Adam to the doctors, I am really really concernend about his neck, he seems to favour turning his head to the right and that is why he is getting the flat spot on his head :( I spoke to a nurse on the phone and she said sometimes babies with this problem ( turning there head one way ) need to have some physio . I can get him to turn his head to the left, but he struggles a little against it. Hopefully phsio will fix him up :) Other than that he is going great. Growing before my very eyes !!!! He is 12 weeks old today, man times goes soooooooooo fast ! I wish I could make it stand still sometimes. He is still sleeping really well through the night. Hopefully it will continue. Haley always was a good sleeper too, then literally turned over night and became a monster, if my memory is right it was when she started teething.
Anyway must go do some housework, we are in for another heat wave so want to get it done before it gets too hot.
Speak soon girls and TAKE CARE!
Amy where are you ? Hope all is well with you :)

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