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Hi nyxin, sorry I cant offer you any advice :( Just wanted to say hi and hopefully you can sort this out before your baby is born....I myself am still going through hell most nights getting Haley to sleep :o Tonight I put her down at about 7.45 pm and she didnt go to sleep until about 10 pm :eek: I think if Im lucky she will fall asleep peacefully maybe one or two nights a week if Im lucky. I guess I will be facing the same thing you are going through in the next 6 months or so :( You must be so exhausted you poor thing :yawn: not to mention your little boy ! I think I made a big boo boo with Haley. I went and brought her an ocean wonders aquarium that attaches to the cot thinking she will lay there and watch it and fall asleep. But it had the opposite affect. She WOULD NOT lay down at all LOL , she was standing up in her cot playing with it. Maybe its too stimulating for her at her age, looks like Adam will be getting it in his crib sooner rather than later LMAO.
Anyway just wanted to say hi and I will keep an eye on this post and see if you get any good advice, I may need it myself soon LOL
By the way good luck with the new bubs :D

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