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Hi Im not sure if any of you will remember but I posted months ago about my daughter being an absolute HORROR to get to sleep at night. Well I have tried EVERYTHING now and she still will not go to sleep peacefully at night.The last 3 nights have been absolutely HORRIFIC ! 3 nights ago I put her to bed at 7.45, she finally went to sleep about 10 pm after crying , roaring, yelling, playing and throwing up. Last night I put her to bed about 8.05 pm, she finally went to sleep at 10.20 pm :o Tonight I had a bit more of a reprieve, I put her down at 7.30 pm because I had basically had enough of listening to her cry and roar since 7.00 am this morning and she finally went to sleep at 9.10 pm . I am just about at my wits end with her :( I just dont know what else to try with her and dont know where to turn to...Its getting to the stage where I am absolutely dreading putting her to bed at night because I know I am in for hell !!!! She has had the same routine all her life, so its not like I am chopping and changing her routine around :confused: Ive tried giving her her afternoon nap earlier in the afternoon thinking well she just must not be tired, NOPE didnt work! I have tried feeding her her dinner earlier thinking maybe she is feeling full and thats why she wont settle NOPE didnt work either ! I bought her an ocean wonders aquarium to hook on her crib thinking it would soothe her to sleep watching the bubbles etc, it had the TOTAL opposite affect, if anything it just stimulated her more and she stayed awake even longer ! Tonigth I removed everything from her crib, her pull down toy and she also had one of those Tomy night light show thingys,but all she was doing between crying , roaring and screaming was playing with them, so in the end I took them out of her cot. I dont want to take her things away from her, because they are her security and the things she is used to having around her, but I just got so sick of hearing that music between her screaming and roaring :eek: I really am a nervous wreck right now. She is driving me to distraction and its doubly hard because I also have a 12 week old baby boy who NEEDS me TOO ! I know I have asked you guys for advice before and I got some great advice which believe me I have tried, but please if anyone can think of anything else PLEASE tell me, Also can anyone possibly tell me what is causing her to be this way :confused: Look forward to hearing from you.

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