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Here's what I did with my son. The doctor told me to stop talking about the potty for two weeks. Say NOTHING! Just go about your business with diapers and let it be. After that two weeks is up try again. I put a little seat that is made to go on the big seat and started him on that and I had a chart on the back of the door that every time he pee'd he'd get a star and then when he washed his hands he'd get a star and when he used the towel to dry them he got a then it was all about getting a star....The ONE time my son went poop and my daughters went poop I did a "poo poo on the potty" dance! I made the biggest loudest fool out of myself and they always went after that.....IF by chance my one daughter messed in her pants I said that it was an accident to try again and she finally got it to.
SO just try not saying anything to do with the potty for two weeks. It sometimes takes some kids a bit longer to feel that feeling of having to go. My son had tummy aches and then I realized "omg he's got to go". Good luck

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