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Re: Thongs
Feb 28, 2005
[QUOTE=bren7]It's funny that this topic came up. I was going to post something about this.

My daughter 13 yrs old, told me several months ago about 1 of her friends who had thongs. I told her I didn't think they were appropriate at 13, but that is her mother's decision to allow. We have talked about what is and isn't appropriate. THEN... last night I did a load of her laundry (she just started doing her own laundry about a month ago) and I found a thong. I was shocked, I called her father (ex hubby) and ask if he knew that she had a thong, he said "he hadn't a clue". So when she got home from hr father's I questioned her about it, all she said was "she just wanted them, and they make her feel sexy, no other reason". So after telling her how dissappointed I was that she would go and buy them without telling me and hidding them, knowing that they are inappropriate. I brought her into the kitchen and got a pair of scissors and put the scissors on the table and her cut them up and threw them out. Had she of brought it up to me that she wanted them and gave me time to get use to the idea, I would have considered it. That how is work around here and she knows it. She told me that "she knew she should have brought this up with me and she knew if was wrong the way she did it".

I'm sorry but at 13 yrs old, I dont think it is right for my daughter to be wearing thongs or skimpy clothing (which she has tried to buy skimpy clothing before). That is why we have rules of what is and is'nt appropriate for her to wear. It doesn't help when her friends are wearing thongs and very skimpy clothes and are very boy crazy, and tv and magazines are not helping either. I'm not saying anything about the other kids and parents that allow there kids to wear these thing I just don't think it is right for my daughter. My daughter has a very boy crazy friend who is in 8 th grade that wears her 4th grade sisters clothes, and her parents see nothing wrong with it, this is not my business, but my daughter see this and then wants to dress that way.which is not allowed in my house. We noe limit how much out of school time she is allowed to spend with this girl.

Is what I'm doing so wrong?


No, I don't think what you did was wrong - I applaud you! You are talking with your daughter with what is acceptable and teaching her wearing sexy clothes at her age is not allowed - regardless if Other Mothers are allowing with their daughters...

When my step daughter turned 13 (she is now 15) I was VERY very surprised what her mother allowed her to wear - tight tshirts, low vneck tops with push up bras, her father didn't even NOTICE while we would sit down and have dinner together - I noticed because I have a 16 yr old son ( who was 14 at that time and going throught major puberty and hormones going strong)

During a "moment alone" with my step daughter (we were having some issues with her mother) I spoke with her told her not to think of me as a step mom but as an Aunt, I also told her I loved her and if I had a daughter SHE would be Exactly what I wanted, she is Beautiful, Smart, So very polite and nice -
her mother has done a wonderful job raising her - but.....I did say in a AUNT type of way - if she was MY daughter I wouldn't allow some of the clothes she wore - I talked to her about sex and appearences and all that stuff and she really listened to me because since that day - I Haven't seen those low cut tops w/bra showing or clevage, or tight clothing - and We do have a wonderful, great, relationship - I love her so much....


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