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My daughter has so much attitude she is driving me crazy, she is grown up for her age and if she is in a good mood will get up make her cereal, run and have a bath, tidy her room all without being asked or told all in one day, then its as if her goodness has worn out and she will argue and be rude and scream, that is the worse one screaming because she knows it upsets me and winds me up. Sometimes its like she is premenstrual with the way she speaks to us ie I was at work she had been rude all day and most of the evening so was in her room she stood by the door laughing at her dad, when asked what she was laughing at she replied you, your a joke. What do you do with a child who stands there and says stop antagonising me you are getting on my nerves she will be 5 in march, and as i said with her mood swings its like she is premenstrual.Any advice or has any one else got a teenage 5 year old

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