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[QUOTE=angels_among_us]as i read your post i ask my self is she forreal??? :nono: your taking away a week of HER bonding time with HER daddy! why dont YOU pack your stuff and your DD stuff and go to your mothers for a week or so then?? [/QUOTE]

Why can't the father take his daughter and bond with her on a week's vacation away from the home? It's the summer. I'm sure an 8 year old would love Disneyland or a drive cross country with just she and dad. Plus, it will give the mom what she is requesting which I think is to get her own home into a routine before incorporating anyone else.

[/QUOTE]she used to get 2 weeks a summer now she has a chance to get 3 weeks and you want to take a week away? mother for years and years have been able to BOND with their new children even with their other children there!! I am sorry but i am thinking maybe you should rethink being a stepmother until you can FULLY treat her as your own. would it be ok for your husband at ANYTIME ask you to send your children away?[/QUOTE]

Why can't there be a compromise? Why can't the 8 year old come by substituting a lost week in June for two weeks in August? How in the hell to you rethink being a me stepchildren do not fully treat stepmothers as their own. Ask any mom, I'm sure they'll be more than glad to have their husband to send the children away---IT'S CALLED A VACATION from the kids. No kids--no yelling, no cooking, no cleaning, no fighting/bickering, ect...

Also, missing 1 wk isn't going of vacation time for her daddy isn't going to give the 8 yr old a mental breakdown that corrupts her for the rest of her life. Trust me she won't even be bothered by it.

[QUOTE=angels_among_us] ps 8 yr old's are loud at times ( my dd will be 8 this month) its apart of being a parent to a child... I just dont understand how can you take care of a 15 month old and not a 8 yr old? .[/QUOTE]

Yes, 8 yr olds are loud but when you have just had a new baby do you really feel like hearing loud? :confused: Not really.

As for the 15 month, maybe she will be at her grandmother's or daycare. If grandma is coming to the home, then grandma can watch the 15 month old. It's easier for grandma to control behavior of 15 months old biogrand kid then a stepgrand child.

.[SIZE=1][/QUOTE] I know i would think diffrently of my husband if he had spoke this way..( we dont have step kids as we was married b/f kids and all) BUt we do raise our 3 God children and i would never treat them diffrent then ours. [/QUOTE]

To criticize when you do not have stepchildren... :nono: There is a difference is raising your kids versus helping a spouse raise a child by someone else.

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