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I have aconcern about my 4 month old daughter :( She hasn't been cooing this week much... Just a little bit. She went from cooing and screetching, to being really quiet. She has giggled a little bit, but vocally she has really calmed down. This is worrying me.. :confused:
Could it be the transition of me working? Or that she has picked up another skill (grabbing toys and beginning to roll???) She is also chewing on her tongue it seems.. and sticking the point/tip of it out (that's cute!)
Just wanted to know if a veteran mom knew if this happens at times?
My son started screatching at that exact time also, it's just a new phase. Their "talking" will start to change as they grow. The screaming phase is really a hoot. Once when getting a load of laundrey I heard my 4 mo old son screatching from his bouncy chair in the living room. I went running thinking he fell or something. When I got to the room he looked at me started giggling. He just wanted me. He is now 17 months and says about 25 words when he is not using them he talks in a strange alien language. :)
LeesGirl, your probably right, she's just learning new things, and other things, like cooing, are getting put on the back burner. As long as she is still making some sound, meaning you know she CAN do it, I'm sure she's just figuring out the world around her and is to bust to coo atm ;) I find that every time my 1 y/o DD learns something new, she seems to forget something else for awhile.

Babies should come with a manual, lol.
[COLOR=Purple]Thanks so much guys! A manual would be nice. I read the milestones and have to remember that they are all approximate...not to mention that she was almost a month early. I was just concerned that she was doing it and now has stopped for the most part. I miss having little "conversations" with her :(
Hopefully she'll start again :)[/COLOR]

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